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Nita Ambani shared What money means to her: ‘Life’s True Essence Isn’t Defined by Money,’ She Reveals to Mukesh

Nita Ambani and Mukesh Ambani, recognized as the power couple of the business realm, continuously inspire admiration with their strong bond, dedication, humility, and other admirable qualities. Despite being among India’s wealthiest individuals, their down-to-earth demeanor endears them to the nation. Married since 1985, Nita and Mukesh are proud parents to their three children: Akash, Isha, and Anant.

nita 2 Nita Ambani shared What money means to her: 'Life's True Essence Isn't Defined by Money,' She Reveals to Mukesh

Nita Ambani shared What money means to her

Recently, Nita and Mukesh organized an extravagant three-day pre-wedding celebration for their youngest son, Anant Ambani, and Radhika Merchant. The event reportedly incurred costs of Rs. 1259 crore. It’s been widely reported that the Ambanis are preparing to spend a total of Rs. 1000 crore on Radhika and Anant’s wedding, scheduled for July 2024. Amidst these lavish arrangements, a BBC interview surfaced where Nita Ambani shared her heartfelt perspective on the significance of money, capturing the admiration of many.

As we scrolled through our Instagram feed, we came across a video featuring Nita and Mukesh engaged in a conversation. Nita was elegant in a printed salwar paired with a black dupatta, accentuated by subtle makeup and flowing hair. Meanwhile, Mukesh sported a dashing look with a white shirt under a black coat, complemented by a brown tie.

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During the interview, the businesswoman was questioned about her perspective on wealth. Nita responded by emphasizing that while many consider her and Mukesh to be among the wealthiest in India, they view money as a means rather than an end. She stressed the importance of how wealth is utilized, highlighting that life is about creating lasting memories rather than accumulating riches. Nita’s sentiment underscores their belief that one’s legacy is defined not by financial success alone but by the meaningful experiences and memories shared with others.

nita 1 Nita Ambani shared What money means to her: 'Life's True Essence Isn't Defined by Money,' She Reveals to Mukesh

Nita Ambani used to earn Rs. 800 as a teacher

Before tying the knot with Mukesh Ambani, Nita worked as a school teacher at Sunflower Nursery, earning Rs. 800. She recalled this during an interview on Rendezvous with Simi Garewal, where she mentioned facing some ridicule but finding immense satisfaction in her work. Mukesh fondly added that Nita used her Rs. 800 salary to cover their dinner expenses during that time.

“Mukesh Ambani’s Heartfelt Revelation: Nita Ambani is His Ultimate Best Friend!

At the Hastakshar ceremony of Anant Ambani and Radhika Merchant, Mukesh Ambani expressed heartfelt sentiments for his beloved wife, Nita. He referred to her as the guiding star of their family, around whom their lives orbit like stars and planets. Mukesh also praised Nita as his best friend and acknowledged her for teaching him the importance of values over mere valuation.

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  1. Is Nita Ambani middle class?

    But before her life as an Ambani, Nita hailed from a middle-class Gujarati family in Mumbai and started her professional journey as a humble school teacher.

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