Wednesday, March 22, 2023
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Kuo: The next iPad won’t be a foldable model until 2024

According to Ming-Chi Kuo’s most recent notes, Apple won’t release new iPads until 2024. The iPad mini, which is anticipated to start mass production in Q1 2024, will be the first device to be announced, the analyst said, adding that no launches are expected in the upcoming “9-12 months.”

Anjie Technology will be the biggest gainer from the 2024 release of a foldable iPad, according to Kuo. The company will “continue to benefit from the expanding trends of foldable smartphones, fitted with kickstands in the future,” and although the majority of foldable can stand on their own, we think the analyst is referring to a case.


Because there aren’t any new goods, Apple is predicted to have a difficult 2023 in terms of tablet shipments, with a decrease of 10-15% predicted annually. A new mini and the first foldable Apple device will increase shipments and enhance the product mix in 2024.


OLED panels and slightly larger diagonals—11″ will become 11.1″, and a 13.1″ device will replace the 12.9″ model—are features of the upcoming iPad Pro devices, according to numerous sources. We’ll have to wait and see, but a report from December implied that a 16″ iPad would be coming.

In addition, there is a story of a foldable panel that is 20.25″ in size, which would be enormous and uncomfortably large for a hand-held device.


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