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Top 10 Best Telegram Bots that all of you should try

You can include tiny, automated computer programmes called “Telegram bots” in your channels or chats on the platform. They serve as users’ virtual assistants, facilitating communication and task completion. These bots are made to be both fun and useful, adding versatility and enjoyment to your Telegram experience.

Here are the specifics on the Top 10 Best Telegram Bots.

Bot NameUsePaid/Free
Feed Reader BotSends updates from RSS feedsFree
Zoom BotSchedules and manages Zoom meetingsFree
Eddy Travels botProvides travel-related informationFree
TGGeneral purpose bot, usage variesFree
Wall Street Memes CasinoEnables play of casino gamesFree
Jobs BotAssists with job huntingFree
Asos Helper botHelps find clothes on AsosFree
Appy Pie’s Telegram BotOffers various featuresFree/Paid
DeLorean BotSends messages to the futureFree
BotFatherHelps create new botsFree
Dr. Web BotChecks files and links for virusesFree
DropMail.me BotProvides temporary email addressesFree
FB Video Download BotDownloads videos from FacebookFree
SkeddySchedules remindersFree
GetMedia BotDownloads media filesFree
Spotify BotSearches and shares Spotify songsFree
Top 10 Best Telegram Bots

Botfather (@botfather):

download 8 2 Top 10 Best Telegram Bots that all of you should try
Top 10 Best Telegram Bots

An official Telegram bot is called The Botfather. With it, users can build Telegram bots tailored to their own unique requirements. Because of this, the majority of the bots on the platform can only be started with the Botfather.

download 21 3 jpg Top 10 Best Telegram Bots that all of you should try

File Converter (@newfileconverterbot):

You have a real Swiss army knife with you when you use the File Converter bot. It is capable of converting almost any file format into another. Simply drag and drop a file from your device into the chat window, and the file converter will detect the format and provide you with conversion choices through in-conversation buttons.

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Link Shortener ZBot (@LinkShortenerZBot )

Shortening lengthy, complicated URLs into short, manageable links is the specialty of the incredibly helpful and effective Telegram bot @LinkShortenerZBot. The bot is a vital tool that facilitates teamwork and individual use by making link sharing and organization easier and more simple.

Dropmail Bot (@DropmailBot )

Top 10 Best Telegram Bots
Top 10 Best Telegram Bots

Disposable email addresses are made available via the dropmail.me service by the dependable Telegram bot @DropmailBot. Its primary goal is to preserve your privacy and unclutter your main email. For private users primarily, the bot is a useful tool.


Top 10 Best Telegram Bots
Top 10 Best Telegram Bots

The Gamee bot is among the greatest Telegram bots available. The Gamee bot, as its name implies, is a tool for gamers who want to play a lot of games but don’t want to download a ton of them to their smartphone. It has a collection of hundreds of games. Furthermore, it makes using Telegram more enjoyable by enabling users to compete with their other friends. The games that are most popular and being played by hundreds of players are featured in the Gamee bot’s trending section.

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YT Downloader Bot

I also use the YT Downloader bot, which is another helpful bot. Users can rapidly download any YouTube song or video using the YT downloader bot. Users can download videos in any format or resolution with the YouTube downloader bot. For music videos, it is even possible to download the videos as MP3 files. These may all be completed directly within the Telegram app.

Anime AI Bot

This bot is for you if you consider yourself a Weeb. To play the lead character in their favored shows is a common fantasy among anime fans. We can go closer to that dream with the help of this bot. Using our supplied desired photos, the anime AI bot may generate our own anime avatar. It can produce an anime avatar of ourselves that looks like the provided image by using the magic of artificial intelligence. Producing 1:1 images from our photos is amazingly realistic.


This robust Telegram bot was created to assist in organizing and monitoring group conversations. Channel managers use this bot, which is one of the most widely used for community moderation. You may use @combot to transform your Telegram group into a productive team workspace where communication is engaging, effective, and manageable.

Zoom Bot

Zoom is one of the top Telegram bots that we have listed. If you want to save space and don’t want to install the Zoom app, link the Zoom bot with your Telegram app. You can utilize Zoom services immediately after setting up the Zoom Bot and don’t need to download the Zoom app on your device. Additionally, problems that frequently arise with the online version are avoided.

Top 10 Best Telegram Bots
Top 10 Best Telegram Bots

With the rise of remote work, having a video conferencing service such as Zoom is imperative. So why not attempt this bot? This Telegram bot allows you to easily create and join Zoom meetings.

Eddy Travels bot

Top 10 Best Telegram Bots

This bot helps users find the cheapest hotels and airfares when they are on the road. Skyscanner provides bot powering and real-time information retrieval. This can help make things more convenient because you no longer have to manually type your search phrases. All you have to do is click on the buttons that the bot has put in.

  1. What are the Best Telegram Bots available?

    @BotFather: This is the official bot to create and manage other bots on Telegram. You can use it to create your own custom Telegram bot.@GoogleDriveBot: This bot allows you to upload files to Google Drive and generate a direct download link.@AlertBot: You can set up this bot to receive alerts, reminders, and notifications for important events or tasks.@SkeddyBot: Skeddy helps you schedule reminders and tasks.@Pollbot: Create polls with this bot and gather opinions from your Telegram group.@TempMailBot: Generates temporary email addresses for quick sign-ups and verifications.@Combot: A powerful bot for group management, statistics, and analytics. It provides features like anti-spam, welcome messages, and more.@ImageBot: This bot can help you find and share images from the web.@YouTube: You can use this bot to search for and share YouTube videos directly in Telegram.@Storebot: A bot that helps you discover other Telegram bots. You can search for bots based on categories and user ratings.

  2. What are Telegram bots?

    Telegram bots are automated programs that interact with users and perform various tasks within the app. They can entertain you, manage groups, inform you, and much more.

  3. Can I create my own Telegram bot?

    Yes, Telegram provides an API (Application Programming Interface) that allows developers to create their own bots for various purposes. There are also platforms and tools available to help users create bots without coding knowledge.

  4. What does the @gamee bot offer?

    The @gamee bot provides a collection of fun and interactive games that you can play within Telegram chats, offering entertainment for users.

  5. How do I report a malicious or spammy Telegram bot?

    If you encounter a malicious or spammy Telegram bot, you can report it to Telegram by clicking on the bot’s profile and selecting the “Report” option. Telegram also provides a “Spam” button to report spammy messages from bots.

  6. How do I report a problem with a Telegram bot?

    If you encounter an issue with a Telegram bot, you can report it to Telegram support or contact the bot’s developer directly through the app. Additionally, you can use the “/report” command to notify Telegram about any problems or abuse related to a specific bot.

  7. How can I add a Telegram bot to my chat?

    To add a Telegram bot to your chat, simply search for its username within the Telegram app and then click on the bot’s name in the search results. You’ll see an option to start a chat or add the bot to an existing chat.

  8. What information can I get from the @IMDb bot?

    The @IMDb bot provides users with information about movies, TV shows, actors, directors, and more from the IMDb database.

  9. What are some of the best Telegram bots for productivity?

    SkeddyBot: A bot for creating reminders.@TodoTaskBot: Helps manage tasks and to-do lists.

  10. Are there any productivity bots that I can use on Telegram?

    Yes, there are many productivity bots available on Telegram. Some popular ones include @TrelloBot (for managing tasks with Trello), @WolframAlphaBot (for computational knowledge), and @Reminders (for setting reminders).


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