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Mivi DuoPods i7 Review: Things need to know before you buy it

The wearable industry in India is still exciting and keeps on growing. Driven by price-sensitive consumers, the Indian wearable industry continues its exciting growth. Thanks to all the brands and their efforts. Mivi, the leading audio product brand, has been showing its potential with a wide portfolio, containing neckbands, TWS, mini speakers, and my favorite soundbars. Consumers have clearly embraced Mivi’s products.

We already tested multiple Mivi products earlier, including TWS and soundbars, and now, it’s time for the new DuoPods i7. Mivi introduced it in March and I have been using the product since then. The DuoPods i7 TWS is available on both Amazon and Flipkart alongside their official website. One can still grab it at the same launch price which is 1,499 INR. Mivi brought a total of six color options on the table to choose from. I got the green unit and here is my experience in detail.

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  • 3D Soundstage: Experience the 3rd dimension of sound with the sound flowing seamlessly, effusing a true depth audio spectacle. Hear every instrument in a song clearly and distinctly. The 3rd-dimensional aspect of the soundstage makes it immersive thus offering a surreal audio experience.
  • Deep Resonating Bass: Experience a symphony of beat and rhythm pulsating through the body bewitching you of your senses. The wide frequency range, low noise, and super low distortion make the audio seep through your mind like fluid poetry casting a spell of an unparalleled audio experience. Feel every beat reverberating in your ears with crystal clarity with these TWS earbuds.
  • Lossless Audio: The Advanced Audio Codec (AAC) offers a lossless audio experience. With AAC, hear every live performance with absolute precision. Every instrument, voice, and subtle inflection is captured with such fidelity that you feel as if you were right there for real. The immersion is truly unparalleled.
  • Crafted by Mivi Design Studio: The Mivi DuoPods i7 comes in a sleek casing crafted with a high-quality transparent acrylic lid blending seamlessly with the high-end smooth Matt base. The cavity houses a sleek pair of dual-tone buds with a glossy icicle-shaped stem for added comfort. The acrylic lid is tinted in a similar shade of the base for a rich gemstone appeal.
  • Call and Sound Clarity: These wireless earbuds are powered by AI-ENC to eliminate all kinds of environmental noises. The HD Call Clarity ensures that every syllable is received loud and clear.
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Design & Build:

The Mivi Duopods i7 wireless earphone comes in an oval-shaped hard case with a transparent lid. Mivi has added a nice smooth matt touch to the base, reflecting how much the brand worked on the build quality. Though the lid is transparent, it has a green shade and the Mivi branding at the center. The buds have a dua-tone finish – glossy stem and the same base-like smooth matt finish to the rest of the area. In general, the lid becomes loose after some time of usage. However, for the Duopods i7 it still provides the same experience as the new one.

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The transparent lid looks great but it comes with a drawback as well. Any guesses? Even though I have not handled it roughly, I witnessed minor scratches on the lid after a few days of usage. It’s not disturbing the overall look yet and not going to hamper the audio experience. So, it’s okay to me at 1,499 INR.

In a long, I used the buds for around 3 hours continuously. It fits perfectly and comfortably in my ears. Thanks to the soft silicon ear-tips. I know the fit may vary from person to person. If you face any difficulty, you can try by applying the small or large size ear-tips which is included in the box. Overall, there is no complaint about comfort and fit from my side.

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Audio Quality:

Audio quality should be the most important factor for a TWS right? Mivi included 13mm high-fidelity drivers in the buds to take care of this section. The advertised “3D Soundstage” creates a wider sound impression on the consumers, but it’s more of a subtle effect. Considering the budget, the Duopods i7 delivers an enjoyable audio output altogether. I tried tracks from different genres on both Spotify and YouTube Music, video content on Netflix, and podcasts on Spotify.

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All the bold claims made by Mivi turn out to be true to me. The deep rich bass is great to feel while playing a track and it enhances the experience of an action movie side by side. At the podcast time, the outcome was loud and clear. Along with all these, initially, I felt a buzz sometimes mainly during some electronic notes. Excluding this the audio journey was fabulous with this Duopods i7.

I attended a few calls as well, other than the media testing. Yes, the “AI ENC” works up to a certain extent which is well accepted below 1,500 INR, and has not gotten complaints on audibility from my side. It proves this device is capable of delivering a good calling experience too.

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This earphone comes with Bluetooth 5.3 and the AAC codec for loss-less audio transmission. The buds connect to your last paired device instantly after taking out from the case. During my usage, I have not faced any connectivity issues.

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Battery Life:

In the end, coming to the battery life. Mivi promises a total of 55 hours of battery life and around 8.5 hours of juice for the individual buds. Here’s not all, there is fast charging support too for the buds. Only 10 minutes of charging can last for around 500 minutes. There is a Type-C port in the case to refill the battery life.

Now in reality also you will get a solid backup. Combined I got around 50 hours of playtime during my day-to-day usage. This outcome in the budget segment is truly competitive and enough to make your day musical. You can easily monitor the battery level of the case from the four while LEDs added between the earbud slots.

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The Mivi Duopods i7 offers a fashionable design and comfortable fit for extended wear. While the case gets minor scratches easily, it would not affect functionality. The audio is greatly enjoyable for the price, with strong bass and clean calls. Despite a few occasional buzzing, the general listening experience is impressive. Connectivity is solid with Bluetooth 5.3, and the advertised 55-hour battery life comes close in real-world use, making it a solid choice for budget-minded listeners.

The Duopods i7 is up for sale at 1,499 INR on both leading e-commerce platforms – Amazon and Flipkart. As I already notified you, there are six exciting color options – Emerald Green, Lolite Lavender, Peach Fuzz, Pearl Black, Sapphire Blue, and Topaz White. Check your favorite color unit from the given link below –

Mivi Duopods i7 –> https://amzn.to/3UM4aNm


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