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Kratos Gaming Network Empowers Kolkata’s Youth with Web3 Gaming Meetup

Kratos Gaming Network (KGeN), a premier community-driven web3 platform, recently hosted an exhilarating meetup in Kolkata to educate and empower the next generation of gamers about the potential of Web3 gaming. This event highlighted the myriad benefits of blockchain technology, including income opportunities and alternate career paths.

Inspiring Young Minds

The meetup attracted over 70 enthusiastic students from Kolkata, most of whom were around 21 years old. These young individuals were eager to delve into the world of blockchain, recognizing it as the future of technology. The primary goal of the event was to showcase the potential of Web3 gaming as a viable career option.

Spotlight on Success Stories

A key highlight was the interaction with Swastik Ghosh, a 21-year-old Bachelor of Management Studies student from Kolkata. Swastik shared his inspiring journey from a casual gamer to a prominent figure in the Web3 gaming industry. His transformation into a clan chief showcased how dedication and hard work, coupled with support from platforms like KGeN, can turn a pastime into a thriving career.

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Similarly, another enthusiastic gamer, Samim, aged 24, shared his experience. Initially helping his father with the family business, Samim joined KGeN in November 2023 and started his own clan with just two members. His leadership and skills quickly attracted more players, leading to rapid growth and success. These stories reflect how Kolkata’s rich heritage and creative spirit can influence youngsters to turn their gaming passion into reality and a source of income.

Fostering Community and Education

Throughout the event, participants shared their experiences and discussed how they harnessed Web3 gaming as an alternative income source. Kratos Gaming Network’s initiatives, like gamer meetups, aim to educate young people about the potential of blockchain gaming for careers, personal growth, and side hustles. Future plans include college competitions and discussions with industry experts and Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) to explore gaming and blockchain as viable career options and dispel common misconceptions.

Highlighting Financial Independence

One notable participant, Harsha Nandi, a leaderboard legend, credited KGeN for his financial independence. As one of the first platforms where he could earn money through blockchain games, KGeN played a crucial role in his successful gaming career. Harsha continues to explore further opportunities within the network.

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Kratos Gaming Network’s Vision and Programs

Ishank Gupta, Elder Member Council of Kratos Gaming Network, remarked:

“Kratos Gaming Network is thrilled to host our Kolkata meetup, empowering the next generation of gamers to explore the vast opportunities in Web3 gaming. We’re dedicated to educating students on how to transform their gaming skills into lucrative careers and side hustles, unlocking new paths for income and personal growth.”

KGeN has also developed the Proof-of-Gamer (PoG) engine, the largest pool of immutable data of gamers, making it the world’s largest gamer reputation program. This initiative empowers gamers by recognizing their skills, allowing them to own their data, and turning gaming into a rewarding pursuit. The program fosters a supportive environment where gamers can build successful careers based on their passion and talent.

A New Dawn for Gamers

As India’s digital landscape rapidly evolves with blockchain poised to be a significant part of the future, KGeN’s campaign empowers students to explore alternative career options within the gaming industry. Events like this pave the way for a future where gaming is not just a hobby but a legitimate path to success.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates from Kratos Gaming Network and witness the transformation of gaming into a promising career avenue.


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