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iPhone 16 to Get Microphone Upgrade to Boost Siri Experience: Ming-Chi Kuo

iPhone 16 is expected to arrive next year equipped with an upgraded microphone that is designed to significantly improve the Siri experience.

iPhone 16 Pro
iPhone 16

In a blog post, Kuo revealed the results of his most recent industry study, which suggests that Apple‘s upcoming devices will “feature a significant upgrade in microphone specifications”. The signal-to-noise ratio would be the area where the microphone’s specs would benefit the most (SNR).

Early buyers are flocking to Apple iPhone 14 Pro models
iPhone 16

According to Kuo, the replacement mics in the iPhone 15 will cost at least 100–1500% more on average. Since AAC has a smaller revenue scale, it is anticipated that it will gain more from this increase with a comparable shipment allocation.

Kuo believes that when AI gadgets continue to gain popularity in the consumer electronics sector, more Apple goods and high-end Android phones will probably follow suit and improve their mics. It is anticipated that both AAC and Goertek would see significant growth from this trend.


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