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Introducing the Extravagant Apple Vision Pro CVR Edition: All Details Here

If you were taken aback by the price of Apple‘s Vision Pro at $3,499, then prepare to be astonished by the existence of a gold-plated version that costs ten times more than what Apple is charging for its Vision Pro.

Caviar, a company specializing in luxury customization, has introduced the Apple Vision Pro CVR Edition, also known as the Spatial Splendor, which is adorned with 18K gold plating. This extravagant version features a leather head mount and a gold visor that covers the front of the headset.

Vision Pro

All About the Caviar Vision Pro

Priced at a staggering $46,000, approximately ₹37,74,139, this custom-made Vision Pro draws inspiration from high-end fashion accessories such as Tom Ford’s flip-up glasses and Gucci ski masks, combining technology with style, according to the company.

The design of this headset incorporates over 1.5 kilograms of 18K gold. The head mount is meticulously crafted from Connolly leather, renowned for its quality, and used by the British Royal Court and Rolls-Royce.

image 820 Introducing the Extravagant Apple Vision Pro CVR Edition: All Details Here

Caviar emphasizes that the headset not only offers advanced features but is also a work of art that seamlessly blends with your personal space. While the $3,499 Vision Pro includes advanced features as well, if you desire this artistic masterpiece, you must be willing to spend ten times more.

Caviar also takes a playful jab at the Vision Pro’s Eyesight feature, which displays the user’s eyes on the outside, a feature that has garnered mixed reactions from the public. However, Caviar has devised a solution that grants users full control over their privacy. The headset now includes a gold-plated visor that covers the device, allowing users to choose when to reveal themselves.

image 821 Introducing the Extravagant Apple Vision Pro CVR Edition: All Details Here

Given its exorbitant price, the Vision Pro CVR Edition will be an extremely limited edition, much like other products created by Caviar. Only 24 units will be made available. The gadget is expected to be available for order in the fall of 2024, a few months after Apple plans to ship the standard headset.


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