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How iGaming is spreading in the US

iGaming is becoming one of the biggest industries within the United States of America over recent years as it continues to spread across the country in an extremely fast manner.

Indeed, there is one real sole reason as to why the industry has spread out like wildfire across the nation, with legalisation being a huge factor.

The 2018 ruling by the Supreme Court in New Jersey ruled that the federal law that had previously outlawed the activity from happening was unconstitutional, therefore passing a notion that would allow for online gambling to be considered a state law instead.

This meant states would get to choose if they wanted to let online gambling happen within their borders, whilst also giving them full control to legalise it and regulate it in a way that they deemed fit to do so. Due to this decision, it was not too long before a number of states made it possible for their residents to access these activities, especially those who can play casino games on Android devices such as their smartphones or tablets.

Supreme Court ruling in 2018 allowed for iGaming industry to spread

Since the ruling, there has been a surge of safe online casino sites in various states, which has spread across the United States of America like wildfire, and with so many other states still considering whether to allow the iGaming industry to be active within their borders, it is likely that the sector will continue to spread even further in the future. This developing sector isn’t limited to online casino gaming, as sportsbooks and major sports teams are partnering with operators to take advantage of a whole new market.

Indeed, there are a number of potential opportunities and factors that suggest that the iGaming industry could still continue to spread across the nation if given the opportunity to do so. Increased gambling revenues is just one factor that could help the sector continue to expand and grow.

It is estimated that online wagering revenue will account for over 20% of the total gambling revenues in 2021, but with more and more states legalising online gambling, the number should only grow to a bigger percentage in the future; especially as at least 37 states are predicted to legalise online gambling by 2023.

Innovation and technology also play a huge role

Innovation is always a big factor in determining the growth of a particular industry, and the iGaming industry is one business sector that arguably relies on technology and new ideas continuously in order to spread as much as it can.

Indeed, with new technology continuously being available, the iGaming industry has gotten rather good at embracing it quickly, which would suggest that they are in a good position to continue to grow at the current rate that they are going at.

With technologies such as safety and security already fast-evolving, firms have already been working hard to provide their players with the best levels of financial safety that they can via the use of encrypted software that helps to keep financial data safe and secure. Furthermore, the rise of blockchain and cryptocurrencies has also see many online casinos provide services to allow for these to be used; thus being one of the first sectors to do so, therefore arguably leading the way for potential new forms of payment.

With continued advancements in technology and innovation, there is also the potential for more live online casino games to be introduced throughout the iGaming industry, which is another reason as to why it can continue to spread throughout the United States of America like wildfire.

Immersive experiences

Furthermore, the immersive experiences that can be felt in some of these new online casino games because of the latest technology available and the need for online casinos to diversify as they look to try and attract even more players will certainly help for the industry to continue to spread.

Players will want to be able to experience the best technologies, such as augmented and virtual realities when playing online casino games, with many of these innovations allowing for bettors to feel as though they are at a physical establishment, but from wherever they are able to access an online casino from.


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