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6 Hot Questions Players Having After GTA 6 Trailer Launch

The first GTA 6 trailer launch was on December 5, and soon after its release, it stormed the internet. It has got more than 100 million views in just 36 hours. It became the third video on YouTube to get so many views in such a short span.

If on the one hand, the trailer has indicated some of the key information about the game. On the other hand, it raised some burning questions among the players. Here in this article, we will be discussing those questions. So without any delays let’s dive in.

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6 Hot Questions After GTA 6 Trailer Launch

After the GTA 6 trailer launch, players have some questions in their minds. Although their answers will be late, probably when the game will launch unless there are some leaks about them.

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However, here we will be discussing the top 6 questions that are very common and prominent after the trailer launch. They are,

What are in-game purchases?

The first question that arises in the minds of players after the GTA 6 trailer launch is about the cashable assets. In previous games, players could amass their cash and spend it on luxurious items like sports cars, gears, weapons, etc.

So, for this game players are excited about what they will be spending their fortune on. It also decides whether the game is exciting or not because players will be willing to spend on new items.

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WhatsApp Image 2023 11 24 at 10.54.56 2 1 6 Hot Questions Players Having After GTA 6 Trailer Launch

Is the other shown character playable?

In the 90-second trailer released on YouTube with the first time female protagonist, we also see another character. Probably its name is Jason, as one rumor said earlier, and in the trailer, he was seen helping Lucia.

Now, players are eager to know about this character, whether it is playable or not. And if yes then is it a supporting character or sharing the protagonist position with Lucia, or players can swap between them.

How social media will work in the game?

In the GTA 6 trailer launch, we also see the use of social media, and that’s completely understandable. From the last game’s time to this date, social media has extended and developed a lot.

Now, players are speculating about the use of social media in the game. Will there be some deeper role of social media like helping in getting game collectibles or it will be just a cultural phenomenon?

Will characters have their superpowers back?

Another question that is burning in players’ minds is about the superpowers of the character. Earlier the characters were having some sort of superpowers protecting them in critical conditions.

Now from the GA 6 trailer launch, it is confirmed that the game is more grounded than we thought. However, does that also mean that characters are without superpowers? Well, we can only this answer when the game is released.

Is the map shown really big?

In the GTA 6 trailer we can see a big map, however how much is that? Is it bigger than the San Andreas shown in the GTA 5?

Players are expecting the map to be insanely big so that it will take forever to explore the state of Florida. Now it will be clear only after the game is released, how big is the map.

Isn’t GTA 6 modern for radio?

One more thing that was clearly shown from the GTA 6 trailer is that the modern Vice City will represent an algorithmically informed media landscape.

So, what will be the role of radio in this Vice City, will it be the same, or different? And it is different than how much different it will be from the previous GTA game.


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