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A Short Leak Of GTA 6 I Showing 6 Seconds Of Off Cam Gameplay: Is It True?

Since the announcement of GTA 6, many years have passed, and with every year passing we hear new rumors and short leak of GTA 6. Earlier a huge leak made its way to the public of an early build of GTA 6.

The result was various short videos of the game floating on the internet. These videos featured Vice City and two main characters of the GTA 6.

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Even reliable sources confirmed that the leak was legit, but also pointed out that what is shown in the video is early and unfinished. And now again we are having some surprising rumours and a short leak of GTA 6.

Curious to know what is this short leak of GTA 6. Well, that is why we are here, to discuss with you the new leaks and rumors on the GTA 6. So, without any delay let’s dig in.

New Short Leak Of GTA 6

We have already discussed that it is not the first time any leaks or rumors have been spread about GTA 6. Last year too there was a massive leak of the GTA 6, which according to some was one of the biggest leaks in video game history and a nightmare for Rockstar Games.

However, the gaming studio went on to keep the game and its further details a secret. It was just a few days back when we got the official announcement of the GTA 6 trailer launch.

And after that, we got another rumor that was rather a short leak of GTA 6. It was an off–cam gameplay video featuring the skyscrapers of the Vice City. We can see the landscape of the Vice City as well as other things.

What is more interesting is that this short leak matches the video that was leaked last year. Hence, confirming that this leak is legit too, and both of the leaks come from the same source.

As far as game analysts can tell, the videos are definitely of the GTA 6 and they are not some GTA 5 assets. What makes this entire scenario more exciting is the source from where these leaks have come from.

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According to some claims the leaks have originated from a friend of the son of the current employee of Rockstar Games. This information has been shared on the internet by some users and with this there are more details on the game.

According to them the GTA 6 will feature a 2 times bigger map than of GTA 5’s Los Santos. Also, there will be 3 major new cities and 4 sub–cities with a massive lake around. And this all be in the middle of the map.

Well, till now Rockstar Games has not commented on any of the short leaks of GTA 6. Nor it has commented on whether its employee is the source of leaks. So, we have to wait and stay tuned for the official updates and announcements.


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