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Google reveals new generative AI tools for its productivity applications

According to a Google announcement, a few of its productivity apps will soon have AI-assisted functionality. But, the launch is not global since, like with its chatbot Bard, the business says that only trusted testers in the United States will have access to these functionalities.

By the end of this year, however, all users will be able to access the new features. The Workspace apps will now receive the same treatment, according to Google. Users of Workspace, according to the report, will “create, connect, and interact like never before” by utilizing the power of generative AI. Google Docs, Gmail, Sheets, and Slides will all be upgraded to include these functionalities.

Google reveals new generative AI tools for its productivity applications

All You Need to Know about Google’s AI!

For instance, within Docs, the interface will make it simple to contact the AI so you may discuss, compile, or brainstorm while you compose your essay. In Gmail, artificial intelligence can take the context from a few succinct bullet points and compose a whole email. Moreover, Slides allows you to instantly create graphics, audio, and video for better presentations.  Also, you may alter the writing style to better suit the situation, utilize AI to assist you with a draught based on a certain subject, summarise lengthy email chains to save time, and edit or even rework your text.

Google says that in the upcoming weeks, this capability will be made available to a select group of testers. When it will be extensively implemented is not yet known, according to the business. The PaLM API will allow AI experimenters to build on top of Google’s top language models.

More sizes will be soon added, but an effective model is already accessible. MakerSuite, a tool that enables developers to prototype ideas, is also included with the API. It will eventually include capabilities for “rapid engineering, synthetic data production, and custom-model tuning.”

3 39 Google reveals new generative AI tools for its productivity applications

The use of generative AI by developers is being facilitated by Google. They can achieve this by using Google Cloud to access Google’s AI models, including PaLM.  Support for Vertex AI’s generative capabilities is also growing. To create and implement machine learning models and AI applications, developers and companies use the platform.

Beginning with the generation of text and images, this platform will later offer foundation models for audio and video production. Google is also launching a Generative AI App Builder that will enable organizations and governments to create their own chat interfaces and virtual assistants that are powered by AI.


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