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Google Pixel Watch 2: Unveiling the Best Features to Look Forward To

Google has unveiled the Pixel Watch 2, following its debut in the smartwatch market a year after the original Pixel Watch. While it draws inspiration from its predecessor, the Pixel Watch 2 represents an evolution rather than a revolution.

It maintains the familiar exterior of the first Pixel Watch but introduces significant interior upgrades, including additional sensors, Qualcomm processing, enhanced durability, and a larger battery. Now, let’s delve into the fresh features of the Pixel Watch 2, including automatic workout reminders for common exercises and improved fitness tracking, building upon previous capabilities.

Pixel Watch 2

The All New Features of Google Pixel Watch 2

Upgraded Heart Rate Sensor

Google has integrated a cutting-edge multi-path heart rate sensor into the Pixel Watch 2 to enhance signal quality. This sensor employs multiple LEDs and photodiodes to capture pulse signals from various angles, providing multiple pulse rate estimations. This proves particularly valuable during exercise, as the sensor automatically switches between single and multi-path modes based on workout intensity. Google claims the Pixel Watch 2 offers the most accurate all-day heart rate tracking, thanks to this sensor. Moreover, the sensor powers other fitness features, including sleep tracking, high and low heart rate alerts, and the Daily Readiness Score.

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Body Response Tracking

image 147 Google Pixel Watch 2: Unveiling the Best Features to Look Forward To

The Google Pixel Watch 2 incorporates a continuous electrodermal activity (cEDA) sensor for stress assessment, aptly named “Body Response tracking.” This sensor identifies stress indicators within the body, enabling users to reflect on their emotional state and take appropriate actions. This feature aligns with capabilities previously observed in various Fitbit wearables, such as the Sense 2 and Charge 6. Beyond the cEDA sensor, the Pixel Watch 2 also leverages data from the heart rate sensor and a novel skin temperature sensor to detect potential stress signs. It then suggests interventions and encourages activities like walking or guided breathing exercises.

Safety Check

Pixel Watch 2 now offers users the ability to schedule a Safety Check, akin to Pixel phones. This feature enables users to set a timer for notifying friends or family about their well-being. Once the timer expires, Safety Check prompts users to confirm their status or share real-time location details, or contact emergency services. In the event of no response, the feature automatically shares the user’s live location with designated emergency contacts.

image 148 Google Pixel Watch 2: Unveiling the Best Features to Look Forward To

Wear OS 4

Despite Samsung already releasing Wear OS 4 smartwatches, the Pixel Watch 2 stands as Google’s initial smartwatch featuring this updated software. It comes pre-loaded with Gmail and Calendar apps, enabling users to manage emails and calendar events directly from their wrist. The Google Assistant on the Pixel Watch 2 gains enhanced capabilities, including voice-activated queries for Fitbit features like sleep statistics. The new software also introduces a long-awaited backup and restore feature, simplifying phone transfers.

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Furthermore, the Pixel Watch 2 offers an array of health and fitness metrics. These encompass Heart Zone Training for guided exercise within personalized heart rate zones, Pace Training to assist users in maintaining or returning to their desired pace, SpO2 measurement for oxygen saturation monitoring, Fitbit ECG for on-demand electrocardiogram readings, and assessment of atrial fibrillation (AFib) signs, and sleep tracking, which generates a sleep score accessible each morning. Additionally, buyers of the Pixel Watch 2 receive a complimentary six-month subscription to Fitbit Premium features.


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