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Emancipation: Will Smith evading Obstacles to see his Family Members

Apple TV + unveils the new trailer of the highly anticipated movie Emancipation. The brand-new trailer provides an intense look at the movie that is just set to dive into the many atrocities committed in the antebellum South having the lengths one man will visit his family for the reunion. 


The film ‘Emancipation’ features Will smith as Peter. He is a man who has managed to flee from slavery by plunging himself into the wilds of Louisiana getting swampland as he ignores some cold-blooded hunters in order to collaborate with his family. The story of the film has been inspired by those infamous 1863 images of “Whipped Peter” along with a series of images that have been taken by the Union Army with a medical examination.

The images have stood for over a century along with a reminder of the atrocities getting inflicted by those institutions of slavery. It seems Emancipation will take these photographs and provides the human tale behind them. This is exposing Peter’s strength along with such enduring capacity for love with his dedication to his family. 

e2 Emancipation: Will Smith evading Obstacles to see his Family Members

In this trailer, we have seen the first glimpse into the movie which starts with Peter telling his goodbyes to his family ahead of the shipping to another plantation illustrating all the common practices of isolating such enslaved families. We have such a small look into some of the horrible conditions Peter has the endure o his journey at home. The movie also features a hunting aesthetic that has drained of color and is set with conflicting shadows and sharp lines mimicking the look of tintype images.

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The look of the movie has some hints of inspiration. The bunch of images getting revealed in Harper’s Weekly would be illustrative of the cruelties of slavery. In the end, we have seen Peter sit in front of the camera with his back turned to it. This shot mainly calls to the image “the Scourged back” that has contributed to the growing anti-slavery movement. 

e3 Emancipation: Will Smith evading Obstacles to see his Family Members

Emancipation: Cast 

Emancipation just directed by Antoine Fuqua from the script has been penned by Willaim N. Collage. The movie has been produced by Smith and Jon Mone via Westbook Studios. The producer of the movie is Joey McFarland. Apart from everything we are going to see Toff black, Chris Brigham, James Lassiter, Heather Washinton, Cliff Roberts, Glen Basner, and Scott Greenberg. 

The film stars Ben Foster, Charmaine Bingwa, Gilbert Owuor, Mustafa Shakir, Steven Ogg, Garny Harvey, Tonnie gene Bivens, Jayson Warner Smith, jabber Lewis, Michael Luwoye, Aaron Moten, and Imani Pullum. 

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Emancipation: Release Date 

Emancipation is set to premiere in theatres on 2nd December 2022. The film will hit on Apple TV+ on 9th December 2022. 

Here is the trailer: 

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