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Key takeaways after buying Galaxy Watch4 for ₹9,999 – All You Need to Know

Samsung makes great smartwatches but are they overpriced? Yes, to some extent and again Apple Watches have always been there for those who can afford to spend. However, being a budget-conscious typical Indian I won’t be spending Rs.20-30k just for a smartwatch which is again an electronic device and will die sooner than later.

Now, for me replacing my old entry-level Amazfit smartwatch was damn necessary especially in 2022 when a chunk of Indian brands have popped into this smartwatch market. However, I feel they still lack on the software front which is the reason why I was looking for a proper Android Smartwatch.

Key takeaways after buying Galaxy Watch4 for ₹9,999 after 1 month

In this article where I initially wrote why I bought the Samsung Galaxy Watch4 for ₹9,999, here I will talk about what have I concluded in my one month of usage. Originally priced at ₹26,999 for the 44mm Bluetooth variant, Samsung has cut prices and has sold for ₹9,999 for a month and other retailers like Amazon or Flipkart are still selling it for Rs.11k.

Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Specifications

  • Only compatible with Android Smartphones (Runs on Wear OS Powered by Samsung)
  • Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis Sensor for Body Composition Analysis, Optical Heart Rate Sensor.
  • Health Monitoring features such as Advanced Sleep Analysis & Women’s Health.
  • Enhanced Fitness tracking lets you track 90+ workouts; Enriched App availability and connectivity with Wear OS, Powered by Samsung. Typical Usage Time (Hours): up to 40 Hours.
  • Connectivity Technology: Usb; Item Type Name: Smart Watch; Included Components: ‎Galaxy Watch::Watch Strap::Wireless Charger::Quick Start Quide
Key takeaways after buying Galaxy Watch4 for ₹9,999 after 1 month

Galaxy Watch4 for ₹9,999 – A well-balanced Smartwatch offered at the right price

Don’t get me wrong but if Samsung is able to offer this smartwatch for such affordable pricing in a price-sensitive market like India, it has the potential of selling it at that price permanently in the country. Yes, most of these Samsung smartwatches and Apple Watches have been selling in India for a triple to four times the cost of actual manufacturing.

Samsung is known for its polished software experience and collaborating with Google to bring watchOS to Galaxy Watch4 was an intelligent move and has paid off well for the South Korean giant. So, the OneUI Watch 4.5 makes this one of the best Android smartwatches in the Rs.10k price bracket after being discounted, making it the most valuable proposition.

For an ultra-rich or an enthusiast cutting pockets and making more money as being a premium offering has been the trend in this tech consumer space until Chinese brands or even Indian brands came into play. So, Samsung India should actually stick to this pricing or that Rs.15k price bracket when launched new rather than what it has been for the past few years now.

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Key takeaways after buying Galaxy Watch4 for ₹9,999 after 1 month

A Burst of Features

Undoubtedly, being a premium smartwatch the Samsung Galaxy Watch4 has a host of features which is more than enough for an average user. From tracking a wide range of activities like swimming, walking, cycling, and more, to navigating to any place with Google Maps, or controlling, and playing independent music from the watch itself you can do a lot of things directly without even touching your phone.

I have used Bixby a lot of times to set alarms, find places, ask about the weather, and much more, send replies to messages, or take a quick glance at your notification, OneUI is soo polished on the Galaxy Watch4. With the seamless integration of the Galaxy Wearable app and the Watch4 along with timely updates, with time, this looks to be a fine wine.

Now, the best part of being integrated into watchOS is if you do not find the Samsung apps (which again can be removed) or the popular apps convincing you can download third-party apps from the Play Store directly to the smartwatch if they support watchOS.

Key takeaways after buying Galaxy Watch4 for ₹9,999 after 1 month

Premium Design & Display

Thanks to Samsung’s expertise in making a stylish smartwatch, this 44mm variant of the Galaxy Watch4 certainly looks good when you wear it and the color of the strap is again enticing. Comfortable to wear all day and easy to sip into the arms, it readily became my all-day companion without any problem.

The large dial and the bigger screen, yes, it’s a proper AMOLED display that goes really bright and I had no doubts that in this regard Samsung will leave no stone unturned. Even after a year of launch, this display is still a flagship of its own and for the price, it is one of the best, also, yes, people do notice it for its premium appeal.

With after-market customizable straps and options you could easily wear this Galaxy Watch4 for years down the line.

Key takeaways after buying Galaxy Watch4 for ₹9,999 after 1 month

Endless Customizations

While I have complained a lot about the crappy UI and limited options on cheaper smartwatches, Samsung has given me no chance to complain at all about this Galaxy Watch4. Already the Galaxy Wearable app has a variety of watch faces to choose from but if you need more, Samsung has a huge third-party marketplace where you will find hundreds of watch faces for yourself.

Also, developers making apps for this Galaxy Watch4 are more because of its popularity and in the future too the chance of customizing with time is endless. With Play Store app support you can easily download any app to your liking and it is highly likely that you will get the one per your need.

Key takeaways after buying Galaxy Watch4 for ₹9,999 after 1 month

Fluid Performance & Connectivity

The Samsung Galaxy Watch4 bears a dual-core 1.18GHz Exynos processor paired with 1.5GB RAM and 16GB ROM which is enough for a smartwatch I would say. The daily performance is quite good and fluid as I never faced any stutter even keeping multiple apps open in the background but yes it is not as powerful compared to the Apple Watches.

Still, for most users, the performance won’t be an issue and in terms of connectivity, the Galaxy Watch4 is spot on with its Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity. Well, you can get the cellular variant but it is not worth the extra money you would pay because of the extra battery life drain, and Bluetooth calling is soo good that I kept on making calls from the watch itself with confidence.

The mic, speaker, and everything on this smartwatch is so polished that it kind of makes sense to go for it anyways. Lastly, storing songs on this watch, connecting to headphones directly, and playing them directly from your smartwatch is really easy as well as seamless. Overall, in this regard, with timely updates & improvements, the Galaxy Watch4 in 2022 is still a good choice.

The only problem – Battery Life & Charging

The biggest problem I would say that I faced with this Samsung Galaxy Watch4 is the poor battery life when used fully because as this is an advanced smartwatch it ends up drawing more power than usual. Much like the Apple Watch, this Galaxy Watch4 lasts about a day in typical usage with an Always-On display on and full usage.

With power saving mode you can stretch this to one and a half days, now again here comes the charging issue, having wireless charging support only takes around 2 hours to charge. This is very painful if you are traveling or have less time in your hands to charge and this is the biggest con of this smartwatch.

Is it worth buying the Galaxy Watch4 now for Rs.10k?


Now, should you buy this Samsung Galaxy Watch4 for ₹9,999? Yes, absolutely because I feel this is quite a comfortable pricing to pay for a premium smartwatch in 2022 for its wide range of features, UI & software, and performance overall. Obviously, it has its battery issues, well, Apple Watch also has but still, people are buying and adapting to charge every day, yes, Samsung should work in the future.

Buy from Amazon India where its priced at Rs.11k: https://amzn.to/3VeeCgc

Or, get it from Samsung India Store: https://fas.st/eehvcn


UI & Software
Battery Life & Charging


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Samsung makes great smartwatches but are they overpriced? Yes, to some extent and again Apple Watches have always been there for those who can afford to spend. However, being a budget-conscious typical Indian I won't be spending Rs.20-30k just for a smartwatch which is...Key takeaways after buying Galaxy Watch4 for ₹9,999 - All You Need to Know