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Boult Y1 Pro TWS earbuds review: Nice & Affordable

Boult has recently launched its TWS earbuds in the form of Boult Y1 Pro costing you only around Rs.1299, this is an upgraded version of the highly rated Boult Y1 TWS. For that price, you do have too many options in the market but what makes this one better than others let’s find out:

Boult Y1 Pro TWS Specifications

Upgraded version of Y1: The best-selling TWS on Flipkart with over 1 Lakh 5-star ratings

Quad Mic with AI- Environmental Noise Cancellation (ENC)– With Boult’s Zen™ Mode engineered with Quad Mic AI-ENC, enjoy a premium, crystal-clear calling experience.

Battery – Power through the day. 60 hours of total playtime with 8 hours of playtime on a single charge

Fast Charging – Redefining fast with Lightning Boult Type-C fast charging. 10 minutes charge = 120 minutes playtime

BoomX Technology– Feel High octane and Supreme audio with thumping bass from mega 13mm drivers

Standout design – Y1Pro has a premium Metallic finish to the case and a precision knurling design

Combat Gaming– Y1Pro is equipped with 45ms ultra-low Latency for you to have a seamless experience whenever you’re gaming

Bluetooth 5.3 – Get the unbreakable connect with Blink & Pair Bluetooth 5.3 connectivity. SBS AAC Codecs supported

IPX5 Water Resistant – Immune to water or sweat with IPX5 Water Resistant.

Voice Assistant – Live hands-free and have Siri and Google Assistant at your disposal at the touch of a button

Touch Controls– One-touch response with Premium touch controls. Switch between tracks or pick a call, with just one tap.

Design & Comfort

The Boult Y1 Pro’s case, which has a small capsule-like shape, is convenient to take anywhere inside your pocket. The case features a matte finish on the top and bottom, and the rim is adorned with a textured look, referred to as the “Knurled Design” by Boult. The loose hinge causes the cover to shut unintentionally unless the case is placed on a surface, well, the case design is better on the W-series, and this design seems a bit outdated.

In terms of comfort, you will indeed love the way the buds fit into your ear canals and even after prolonged usage, you will actually love this Boult Y1 Pro in terms of comfort and long-term usage. Also being IPX5 water and dust-resistant, this helps you to take the TWS earbuds anywhere you want without any worries at all.

Sound Quality & Gaming

During my extensive testing, I evaluated the audio performance of the 13mm drivers in different areas like music, movies, and gaming. Unlike previous versions emphasising bass, Boult has opted for a slightly more balanced sound profile, and the sound quality is quite good and doesn’t hurt your ears most importantly.

The low frequencies don’t overshadow other ranges, but the high frequencies could be better. The vocals are clear, but instrument clarity can be improved. In instrument-heavy songs, they may sound muted. Dialogue and ambient sounds lack richness and depth in movies when played on these headphones.

The indoor calling experience this Boult Y1 Pro TWS earbuds come with Zen ENC which is good and is somewhat helpful in outdoor and noisy environments. However, there is room for improvement due to intense competition, even though they provide decent sound for the price.

After extended periods of listening to music, simply tap the touch controls four times, and the WS earbuds are ready for gaming. Boult guarantees a low latency of 45ms with these buds, well, these earbuds effortlessly handle these gaming challenges without any hindrance.


Coming to connectivity, the new Boult Y1 Pro TWS earbuds come with a Blink and Pair feature that lets the TWS connect to your phone instantly once it is paired, you also get the latest Bluetooth 5.3 as well. Then, you can change tracks or use the Voice assistant using the touch control, and the overall experience here remains decent enough.

Battery Life

Comparing the Boult Y1 and Y1 Pro, the newer one has 60 hours battery lifetime which is almost 50% more than that of last year while still being light to carry. Although Boult claims a massive up to 8 hours of battery life it gives around 6-7 hours which is still pretty good and overall can last around a week easily, no complaints here.


Should you buy this new Boult Y1 Pro TWS earbuds? Well, if you need effective TWS earbuds that sound well, is not very expensive, and do the job accurately, this is the one you should definitely go for. Though the design could have been better, if you are okay with this and you are getting this one at really affordable prices, then surely grab one of these.

Buy this Boult Y1 Pro TWS earbuds from the Boult website.


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