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ARM IPO and the Impact it would have on the market overall

The anticipation surrounding British semiconductor giant Arm IPO is sending ripples through the tech and investment sectors. The company, recognized for its cutting-edge chip designs, is expected to make its public debut in September this year, with an IPO valuation that has garnered attention – $64 billion. As investors gear up for this high-profile IPO, it’s worth delving into the details to understand the potential impact it could have on the market as a whole.


Insight into the ARM IPO

SoftBank Group, the parent company of ARM Ltd, is preparing to list its semiconductor segment, ARM, in September 2023. While the exact timing hinges on market conditions, ARM recently unveiled its preliminary prospectus, setting the stage for the IPO pricing, which is expected in the coming weeks. The IPO will be spearheaded by prominent investment banks – Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, Barclays, and Mizuho Financial Group.

The decision to list ARM on US markets comes as a disappointment to UK officials who had hoped to attract the IPO to the London Stock Exchange, aiming to establish London as a preferred destination for high-value IPOs. ARM had previously been dual-listed in London and New York until SoftBank’s acquisition in 2016.

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image 545 ARM IPO and the Impact it would have on the market overall

In 2020, SoftBank’s plan to sell ARM to US Chipmaker NVIDIA for $80 billion faced regulatory obstacles and was eventually abandoned in February 2022 due to concerns about competition. While the IPO might not yield the same profitability as the NVIDIA deal, ARM is reportedly in discussions to bring Nvidia in as an anchor investor for the New York listing, alongside tech giants like Apple and Amazon.

The motivation behind ARM’s IPO stems from the desire of private investors in SoftBank’s Vision Fund, which holds a 25% stake in ARM, to access liquidity. Furthermore, ARM aims to utilize stock options to incentivize its employees.

Should the ARM IPO proceed, it could become a high-profile event with the potential to invigorate the IPO market. The involvement of industry titans such as Apple, Amazon, and NVIDIA in the IPO process is likely to attract substantial investment interest.

image 546 ARM IPO and the Impact it would have on the market overall

ARM’s valuation, as indicated by internal transaction documents between SoftBank and Vision Fund, stands at $64 billion. This valuation resides at the upper end of the anticipated range of $30 billion to $70 billion. The sheer magnitude of this valuation marks ARM as one of the most valuable companies to go public on US markets since late 2021.

However, it’s worth noting that this valuation falls short of ARM’s previous valuation of $80 billion in 2021 during the NVIDIA deal. The value of the sale was intricately tied to NVIDIA’s stock price, leading to fluctuations in ARM’s valuation.

Central to ARM’s business model is its proactive approach to technological advancements. Recognizing the constantly evolving landscape of new applications and markets, ARM invests significantly in research and development to forecast the products that consumers and businesses will require in the next 5-10 years. By staying ahead of the curve, ARM ensures it can develop groundbreaking technology ahead of competitors.

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