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AMD B650 motherboards appear in U.S listings

The premium X670 motherboards with Ryzen 7000 (Raphael) processors from AMD are already available. The more affordable B650 motherboards, though, aren’t far behind. U.S. shops have begun to list the B650 motherboards on their web storefronts ahead of the launch scheduled for October.

The high-end X670 motherboards’ PCIe 5.0 and DDR5 functionality is shared with B650 motherboards. The X670 motherboards offer more I/O options, which is the biggest distinction. Other than that, you can still get Zen 4’s more crucial features at a lower cost. AMD will also provide a “extreme” variant of the B650 chipset (B650E), which offers at least one PCIe 5.0 extension slot, similar to the X670 Extreme (X670E).

One of the first merchants to list a plethora of B650 motherboards is B&H Photo Video (via momomo us. The seven products, which range in form factors from normal ATX to Micro ATX, are made by MSI. The entry-level MSI B650 motherboards cost $199.99. These boards aren’t yet for sale, which is unfortunate for those seeking to create a cheap Ryzen 7000 machine right away. Given that we are now in the month when AMD claimed these boards would go on sale, we don’t believe these prices are placeholders, even though we usually advise taking retailer listings with a grain of salt.

With a list price of $329.99, the MPG B650 Carbon WiFi is probably the most expensive MSI B650 motherboard. We’re looking at a 31% ($150) lesser cost compared to the MPG X670E Carbon WiFi.

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In contrast, at $289.99, the Pro X670-P WiFi appears to be the company’s least expensive X670 motherboard. In its defence, the Pro X670-P costs less and offers more options for connectivity and expansion. The MPG B650 Carbon WiFi is a motherboard that is primarily focused on gaming, though.

The greatest motherboards for the money in terms of performance and functionality have always been MSI’s Tomahawk-branded models. The MSI MAG B650 Tomahawk, which is advertised here for $259, is uncertain, though. Compared to the preceding MSI MAG B550 Tomahawk, it represents a 52% ($89) price increase. Although the B650 chipset technically offers a lot of new advantages, some customers might be turned off by the higher price.

For fans of small-form-factor (SFF) devices, MSI has created the MPG B650I Edge WiFi in keeping with its history. With a $239.99 price tag, the Mini-ITX motherboard is only $20 ($40) more expensive than the MPG B550I Gaming Edge WiFi that it is replacing.

The Pro B650M-A WiFi, at $199.99, might be the most affordable way to board the Zen 4 train from MSI. The Micro ATX board is equipped with all the capabilities you’d anticipate from a budget B650 motherboard, but it lacks the aesthetic appeal of more expensive variants.

This month marks the formal release of AMD’s B650 motherboards in stores, thus other manufacturers like Asus, ASRock, and Gigabyte will likely soon start to compete more fiercely.

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