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All the Upcoming Marvel and Star Wars shows coming on D23 Expo 2022 

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The September 10th weekend is definitely the D23 Expo. The celebration of all the thin n Disney is just on Saturday. There is a huge slate of the latest Marvel and Star Wars films declared while there is a very long panel at the show. We should be ready for the entire bunch of declarations about the characters coming to the MCU. 

The future of Star Wars is quite foggy. They have no such film to be planned. There are a lot of TV shows in the worked as Andoe that will hit on 21st September. 

Marvel’s future is really very good with the layout having Phase 5 and Phase 6 in those past years of San Diego Comic-Con. The D23 panel is a little deeper into what we can expect from the latest film and TV shows. 

Here is the list of all the Marvel films and TV shows that hit next: 


19. The Marvels 

The latest footage that has been exposed to the crows, is set with the song, “Intergalactic” by Beastie Boys. Now, Nia DaCosta is set to direct, and the film will feature Brie Larson, Teyonah Parris, and Iman Vellani. 

18. Thunderbolts 

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17. Captain America: New World Order 

Julius Onah is set to direct the fourth Captain America film, t5hat will feature Anthony Mackie as Sam Wilson, Carl Lumley as Isaiah Bradley, and Fanny Ramirez as Joaquin Torres. The biggest news was that Tim Blake Nelson was also back as The Leader along with the character for 14 years ago at the ending of The Incredible Hulk. 

16. Daredevil: Born Again 

Charlie Cox was out to talk about the latest daredevil show. The new updates confirm that “it’s emotional. What an odd feeling to have been doing this for a while but we are starting again.” this time the series contains 18 episodes and begins shooting in the next year. 

15. Echo 

The filming has been completed for the Disney+ show, which is the latest spin-off of Hawkeye. The footage had shown at D23 that was featured Kingpin at the end of it. 

14. Fantastic Four 

This is great news for Marvel fans as it’s casting the news of the F4. It was declared that the film will be come into the theaters on 8th November 2024, and set to be directed by Mat Shakman of Wandavision. 

13. Armor Wars  

Don Cheadle declared that he will come back for the latest Disney+ show. In this new series, Stark armor tech will get into the wrong hands, and there is only James Rhodes standing in the way. This is a six-part show, and Secret Invasion will lead directly into it. 

12. Secret Invasion 

The first Secret Headquarters trailer provides us the first taste of Wilson along with a full-fledged superhero. Secret Headquarters mainly aims at the younger demographic, along with the story that follows Walker Scobell’s Charlie Kincaid who is the son of Owen Wilson’s character. The normal public has been introduced to Scobell along with Netflix’s The Adam project, ad he has been leading in Disney’s latest Percy Jackson series, in secret Headquarters he has been seen to be playing an adolescent who just thinks his father is just a normal IT guy who just attends a lot of work conferences.   

11. Werewolf By Night 

Marvel’s one of the most mysterious segments, ‘Werewolf by Night’ got some official word from the makers. This is one of the best Halloween special sets to hit on Disney+. Werewolf by Night not only just launches any of the live-action, but it can serve as the directorial debut of Michael Giacchino. The show having such a live-action version has been played by Mexican actor great Gael Garcia Bernal doon become a favourite for all MCU fans. 

10. Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania 

We have come here to what happened in Scott, Hope, and Cassie by listening to the audiobook of the Scott of his memoir. Scott and hope are on the red carpet, balling Cassie out of the jail. Scott has mistaken for Spider-Man. Cassie trying to generate a device that can able to send some signals to Quantum Realm. All things just get sucked into that containing Michael Douglas and Michelle Pfeiffer. Bill Murray also takes an appearance. Kang has taken Cassie prisoner and utilizing to force Scott for stealing something. 

9. Ironheart 

Coming in 2023, there was some footage exposing the series of Riri making the suit. Anthony Ramos arrives on the stage while the presentation. He has come as The Hood. “ He’s a little boy of both,” Ramos told, “ He’s a complex person and he was a misfit and he’s like I want to take in other misfits. I want to show the world that you looked at us as outcasts, but we’re going to end on the top. The renewal is definitely one of the deep dives into the very dark place he goes into, unfortunately. 

8. Black Panther: Wakanda Forever 

Letitia Wright’s Suri standing at the seaside facing the sea, the ambiance was quite pleasant, the sun is rising slowly, and the waves are coming and going from the sand.  Wakanda’s aquatic settings gloom in their own charms. The short teaser continues with Ramonda played by Angela Bassett. The question roaming around the teaser Is who will be the next to assume the mantle of the Black Panther. The tribes all wore white attire for the funeral. 

7. Indiana Jones 

Some footage has unveiled the attending of the panel. James Mangold, Harrison Gord, and Phoebe Wallee Bridge have taken the stage and talked about the audience during their segment. Waller-Bridge told, “I had the time of my life,” and also added, “Keeping up with this gut is really exhausting. We got to do so many unbelievable things together, and chase each other around the most incredible places, have brought back everything everyone loves and needs from these films, and brought this extra sparkle. 

6. The Mandalorian 

Season 3 of the popular Disney+ show sadly won’t be coming until 2023. We did get a teaser for the latest episodes and that’s quite pretty great. 

5. Skeleton Crew 

This upcoming marvel project has no such footage for the latest show. Jan Watts and Christopher Ford elaborately discussed the show, while it shows a group of kids who have lost in the Star Wars galaxy. This series will be set in the New Republic era. 

4. Ahsoka 

Marvel has not exposed any such release date or update. In the second season of Mandalorian, we were able to fetch in character Dave had been examining about for the live-action while he was very close to the Clone Wars. The concept of introducing her via the series was a way to watch if the audience desired to watch those characters. The new process has made us very confident, I get to be down there on the set with Dave right here in California. Dave has amazing lightsaber battles. 

3. Bad Batch 

Season 2 will come on Disney+ on 4th January 2023. The series will contain two such episodes. 

2. Tales of the Jedi 

The latest Disney+ original is set to be available for service on the 26th of October. The animated series contains six episodes among which three will follow Count Dooku while the three will follow Ahsoka. 

1. Andor 

The latest tar War show hits Disney+ on 21st September, the cast and crew are so close to shooting the latest 12   episodes of the show. Diego Luna who will play the role spoke at the time of the panel. You can able to see the entire community reacting. The entire thing is about to change. 

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