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Blasted: An unexpected Alien Invasion interrupted the Laser Gun tagging game 

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Netflix’s new Norwegian sci-fi action-comedy film, ‘Blasted’ uses laser technology that takes it to the extreme level and becomes the main attraction of the film. The film showcases a real-life UFO event that happened in Hessdalen, Norway. If you are interested in UFOs, and aliens then this film is definitely for you. 


Blasted: Plot 

The story of the film revolves around a group of childhood friends who have come together for a game of laser tag, they are playing the game finely until a strange alien invasion hit their game. After that, the situation takes a wrong turn. They become in danger, luckily lasers become the weakness of the aliens, but it does not indicate that they will easily get rid of the external creatures. 

Blasted: Trailer 


The trailer shows that the laser tag game happens at the time of the bachelor party, is on the top of the fun car chases, shooting guns, and such general chaos. At the beginning of the trailer, the teenagers are discussing that the party is going to be intense, and they are ready for it. They have seen in wedding attire and claim that they are the best laser tagging team at this wedding.

They have started their game at Guella Hella Paintball, and they are very excited about the Paintball game. As they are holding the laser gun in their hand, it shows six days earlier event with such strange interspace scenes. However, they have decided to continue the party until one of his friends buys a subscription.

image 378

At last, they have started such hide and seek laser tagging them wearing a helmet. In the middle of the game, one member feels he seriously shot someone and comes to check whether he is breathing or not. As soon as they become close to the man, he opens up his eye by spreading a green laser and shouting in a terrible voice. After getting a hit by gun, he once again lay down on the floor. 

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The game become interrupted while seriously, they have to face off with the alien invasion in the wood. The green-eyes creatures are moving forward toward them. The two friends take in a police car and decide to shoot aliens with laser guns. The team enters the woods with laser guns, and there they discover the laser guns are the main weakness of those aliens. The entire police force is battling with those aliens, at the end we have seen a spaceship, among all of this their trouble increases while two tentacles reveal infront of them. Now, the main question is the alien has such similarity with Octopus? 

image 379

Blasted: Cast 

Blasted is directed by Martin Sofiedal. The screenplay of Blasted has written by Emanuel Nordrum. In an official statement, Producer and CEO of Miso Film Norway Are Heidenstrom just celebrated that great leap forward that is Norwegian cinema and say: 

“It is very exciting to be the first Norwegian Sci-Fi comedy in production. We feel very privileged to work with Netflix and to make a film in such an unorthodox genre. Emanuel Nordrum and Martin Sofiedal have created an amazing story where we finally get the clarity in the light phenomenon in Hessdalen” 

image 380

Blasted: Release Date 

Netflix has set to premiere the film on 28th June 2022. 

Here is the trailer: 

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