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RDNA3 iGPU inside the upcoming AMD Phoenix APU could challenge RTX 3060 mobile GPU

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We know that AMD will be announcing new RDNA3 GPUs this year which are set to provide a huge uplift in performance than the current RDNA2, which has already shown a promise. APUs using RDNA2 graphics have really stepped up their game, be it from the APU inside Steam Deck to Samsung’s Exynos 2200.

AMD Phoenix APUs to be revolutionary?

The versatility of AMD’s graphics has really made a difference and an interesting rumour from the well-known AMD tipster Greymon55 has indeed raised our eyebrows. The tipster claims that the upcoming integrated graphics featuring in the AMD Phoenix APU will be comparable to the most power-restricted variant of RTX 3060 discrete mobile GPU.

If you do not know, the AMD Ryzen 7000 series is slated to launch in a few months for desktops and laptops by next year. The mobile series will have 2 variants: Dragon Range for high-performance laptops and Phoenix for thin and light designs.

RDNA3 iGPU inside the upcoming AMD Phoenix APU could challenge RTX 3060 mobile GPU
via Videocardz

Now the combo of Zen4 and RDNA3 could be decisive for next-gen as you will have a smaller 5nm node and a lot of next-gen exclusive specs like DDR5 and PCIe Gen 5 support.

These Phoenix APUs will operate in the 35 to 45W range which suggests they will form the upcoming Ryzen 7000HS and 7000H series. Mind it, that the RDNA3 iGPU will sip such low TDP along with Zen4 cores shared and if Greymon’s claim goes right to match with RTX 3060M at 60W performance that would be huge for light gaming.

Now, it doesn’t mean the upcoming RDNA3 iGPU will match the quality of an RTX 3060 mobile GPU in terms of quality and fidelity but could have higher clock speeds to give a raw performance match. AMD’s optimizations and use of the 5nm process could significantly uplift the performance we have seen with the Ryzen 6000H series but obviously, this is very preliminary to draw conclusions.

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via Videocardz

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