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Outlander (Season 5): Netflix Confirmed the Official Release Date of the fifth Season for All Regions

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Outlander is Netflix’s one of the most popular series. Outlander Season 1-4 is still available on Netflix in the United States and you are already aware about Season 5 also started airing in March 2022. If you are awaiting season 5  of Outlander the also will be on Netflix US.

Now the time-travelling drama belongs to the same production company as Netflix’s  The Crown and also has stayed as the fan favourite from the way onto Netflix in 2019 along with Seasons 1 and 2 included in May 2019. The third season also made its way onto Netflix in December 2019 along with Season 3 coming in January 2021.

Of you look at the ou5tsidse of the US, Netflix also careering this series in most of the regions containing  Netflix Australia, Canada, India, Latin America, there are also some of the European countries like as some of the Asian regions. The major of the regions got a weekly episode of Outlander and also currently streaming with all of the five seasons.


In the UK the show is not available on Netflix instead the series is available on Prime Video where it has been listed as an “Amazon Exclusive”.

Outlander (Season 5):  Release Date

It is reported that for most of the regions across the world, you can already get access to the season 5 ko0f Outlander. Now in Netflix Canada and Australia for the season 5  into the early b2021  along with the other regions along with enough lucky that also having it as a  Netflix Original and got weekly episodes. Now it’s not the case for the US, however.

We have also been able to do such accurate prediction while Netflix US  also get the latest seasons and the prediction on Outlander Season 4  become  tr4ue while it was included in late  January 2021.

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Netflix US also getting the latest seasons with Outlander which is exactly two years after their finale aired on Starz in the US. It indicates that Netflix US has also got season 5  of Outlander until May 2022. It means you would not get to hold on season 5 just before season 6  starts airing in March 2022.

It was already confirmed by Netflix in late April along with Outlander Season 5 confirms to be on Ne3tflix US on 10tgh May  2022.


Outlander (Season 6):  Release Date

If we look at season 6 once again and focus on the release date of the new season on Netflix that also depends on where you are living.

We can now cover comprehensively while the series will be streaming here, but TLDR is that Netflix US would not get Season 6 until the middle of 2024 when there are the others also getting weekly episodes along with others will be in late 2022, early 2023.

A big thanks for the source.

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