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“Morbius”: The Post-Credit Scene Spoilers and Details have been revealed

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Morbius is one of the terrible vampires in MCU, however, Sony Pictures’ Universe of Spider-Man character also has been exposed such the divisible topic for such a long time amongst the fans. So, it feels like the studio is mishandling constantly the characters, and they also have much of the better off along with Tom Holland’s  Spider-Man in the MCU.

It seems that  Sony does not feel the same way. As they already have been released Venom and  Venom: Let There Be Carnage ad there is also a  third entry that is  also0 on the way: Jared Leto’s Morbius.

Morbius' Director Reveals the Film's Shocking Post-Credits Scene

It seems that the project is once again set to focus on a  Spider-Man villain will the  Spidey aspect, It seems that this time the fans also will come to know about Doctor Michael Morbius who also become a vampire due to the wrong turn of his experiment after trying to mind out the cure for his blood disease.


It seems that with the Multiverse in full effect thanks to the likes of Loki and Spider-Man: No Way Home as one has to wonder: what universe do these latest movies taking place in. Now a current interview has come out and also given many answers related with Post–credits scenes also feature at the end of the film and also answers as that just makes everything more confusing.

Morbius: Post Credits Description

It seems that in an interview along with Cinema Blend to be promoted by Sony Pictures themselves, Morbius director  Daniel Espinosa also revealed some of the spoiler questions based on the post-credits sequence.

It seems that although  the full description was not given apparently at the point  into the post-credits scene, Michael Keaton’s Vulture shows up in full costume  to talk along with Jared Leto’s  Morbius after getting  been portrayed into his  whole universe  from the MCU while asked about how  the character has been  got the costume with the director excused it by saying that “he is a  resourceful guy:”

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If you give such a close look, you will see it is not quite the same suit as Homecoming, He is a resourceful guy.”

After that Cinema Blend also asked if Vulture is setting  up for the Sinister Six  movie, Espinosa commented  his recruitment” sure looks like a start.”

Morbius post-credits scenes leak, reveal strange Spider-Man connection

Morbius: Post-Credit Scenes: Confusions

We are saying it is just an assumption so for people who will feel bad we are sorry for them as they don’t. It seems that the first question is how would the  MCU’s Michael Keaton also have gotten over the Venom-verse in the first place? Doctor Strange’s spell only has been sent to people originally from alternate timelines back to where they also came from and it had not sent the people native to the MCU out of it.

It is also still unprecedented for the studio with the market like the movie based on post-credits spoilers  In this week before the release date. It reveals that the studio has zero confidence in what they are also putting out, and they also hope that providing the spoilers, will also entice more people for looking toward Morbius.

Morbius Director Reveals Post-Credits Scene Spoilers & Details

The entire tactic with a shameful practice and it certainly does not make the studio look and it certainly makes what Marvel  Studios  President Kevin Feige also think about the entire situation. After all, the details mentioned above are also related directly to the continuity of the MCU with his bay.

It seems that it has been getting, Jared Leto’s living vampire’s that also might not have such a future in the first place. It is assuming that Sony may never get their fantasized sinister six projects off the ground and also they most people probably wouldn’t want to see it.

A big thanks for the source.

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