Friday, May 20, 2022

Natural Battery Technologies develops Long-Range Batteries

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These High-performance batteries are weatherproof with safety parameters

Jaipur, 14th March 2022: Natural Battery Technologies, a leading Lithium-Ion Battery manufacturer in India, located out of Rajasthan, is actively developing high-performance batteries with increased safety parameters. The Battery packs are Weatherproof and made of strong external closures. The battery is built with shockproof material to withstand strong impacts at high speeds.

Puneet Jain, CEO of Natural Battery Technologies said, “It has been our constant endeavour to provide the best for the market and develop technology for future. Batteries are going to be the future power source for a lot of appliances, especially vehicles. Green batteries that has bigger and better capacity will provide more mileage and efficiency to the electric vehicles.”


“Battery is going to be one of the most important OEMs for electric vehicles. And Natural Battery aims to be at the forefront of the supply chain. The high performance, long-range batteries are one of the offerings that we are currently launching in the market,” he added.

The battery packs are designed in such a fashion so that they can be fitted into compact space and that allows for bigger capacity. Not only the interiors will be more fashionably designed with smaller battery packs but will offer more mileage and efficiency. The battery packs will be endowed with smart features that will enable tracking for fleet operators. Additionally, this tracking system will also help the manufacturers to monitor the health of the long-range batteries and the customers will also be able to understand the condition of the battery before any travel.

“The battery swapping policy, as announced by the Finance Minister during Budget 2022 speech has opened up the possibilities further. To date, OEMs were differentiating between batteries through different shapes, sizes and capacities that are being fitted in each of the electric cars. But swapping will mean there will be guidelines on the shape and size of the battery which can ensure interoperability. All the battery brands will become compatible with electric cars—very much like cooking gas cylinders that we use at home, which has a standard size and weight. The battery swapping policy, once it comes in the market will open up a huge possibility,” Puneet added.

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 The batteries will be swappable within e-bikes and e-scooters to boost the much lacking charging infrastructure currently. Swapping infrastructure will need good battery backups for each vehicle that will make a stop to get recharged batteries. The quality and performance of these long-ranged batteries will ensure both demand and competitiveness in such a market.

The company with the long-range batteries can enable mileage of two-wheelers with more than 250km as compared to average scooter batteries which are 75-150Kms.  

About Natural Battery Technologies

Natural Battery Technologies is a leading Lithium-Ion Battery manufacturer in India, located out of Rajasthan. The company provides a wide range of products such as Lithium-Ion Batteries, Lithium-Ion Cells, LiFePO4 Cells, Battery management System, Solar Home Lighting System, Battery Packs for Solar Street Light, Solar Home Lighting System, Energy Storage System (UPS & Inverter) & other portable devices, thus customising the technology for various uses.

Natural Battery Technologies work collaboratively with Electric Vehicle companies and other users on enhancing range, design and safety of the vehicles.

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