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Windows 12 Release Date: What to Know About Microsoft’s Next Big Update

Windows 12 Release Date: Everything You Need to Know in 2024

Windows 11 has been around for more than two years now, with several updates already released. We saw Windows 11 version 22H2 in 2022, followed by multiple Moment updates throughout 2023, leading to version 23H2, which is now widely available. Despite these updates keeping Windows 11 fresh, there’s anticipation for the Windows 12 release date, which is expected to launch in 2024.

Microsoft has not officially announced the Windows 12 release date, and reports, about it have been downplayed. According to statements, Microsoft is focused on updates and smaller feature enhancements for Windows 11. However, there are indications of a Windows update coming this year, possibly around September.

Windows 12 Release Date

Windows 12 Release Date – Expected

Windows 12 release date is expected in the half of 2024, around September. This timeline aligns with updates for Windows 11. Despite reports suggesting a shift to a three-year development cycle the next version is expected to continue with updates.

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There is some uncertainty due to changes in the Windows platform. Codenamed Hudson Valley Windows 12 will be built on a platform release called Germanium, which marks the major update since the launch of Windows 11. It is expected that Germanium will be completed by April with features rolling out to devices starting in June. The majority of Windows 12 features are likely to be launched in September.

The delay in release primarily aims to ensure compatibility with Arm-based devices like those powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon X processors. Microsoft intends for these devices to hit the market promptly; hence they will initially ship with core features. Receive the Hudson Valley update later in the year, alongside devices.

Will users need to pay for Windows 12?

People often question whether Windows 12 will be available as an upgrade. The likelihood is that you won’t have to make any payment for the upgrade, considering that Microsoft has been providing updates at no cost to Windows users for quite some time now. However, Windows 12 itself may not be free, so if you don’t have a Windows license, you’ll still need to purchase one.

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There have been rumors about a subscription service for Windows 12, but Microsoft has dismissed them. You won’t need to pay a recurring fee to use Windows 12. Nonetheless, you’ll still need to buy a license if you’re building a custom PC and don’t already have a valid Windows 10 or 11 license. Compatibility with your PC may influence your decision to spend money, but that’s a separate consideration.


  1. When will Windows 12 be released?

    There is no official confirmation about the release date of Windows 12. However, several reports and rumors suggest it will be released sometime in 2025. Previously, there were speculations about a September/October 2024 release, but those appear to be inaccurate.

  2. Why was the rumored 2024 release date dropped?

    Microsoft hasn’t officially mentioned the reason for the change. However, some possible explanations include:
    Focusing on Windows 11 updates: Microsoft might be prioritizing further development and updates for Windows 11 to address user feedback and improve the overall experience.
    Addressing fragmentation: Frequent major releases (like every year) can create fragmentation in the user base, making it harder to support older versions.
    Developing a more modular system: Rumors suggest Windows 12 might feature a more modular design, requiring extensive development time.

  3. What features might Windows 12 have?

    As there is no official information, specific features are just speculation. However, some possible features based on rumors and analyst predictions include:
    Modular design: Allowing users to choose and install specific functionalities depending on their needs.
    AI integration: Enhanced integration of AI for tasks like personalized experiences, productivity improvement, and system optimization.
    Improved gaming performance: Optimizations and features specifically geared towards gamers.
    Closer integration with Android apps: More seamless experience and wider compatibility with Android apps.

  4. Should I upgrade to Windows 12 when it releases?

    It’s impossible to say definitively without knowing more about Windows 12 and your specific needs. However, it’s always helpful to:
    Consider your current hardware: Check if your system meets the likely system requirements for Windows 12.
    Evaluate your needs: Consider if the rumored features of Windows 12 align with your workflow and usage.
    Wait for reviews and comparisons: Once the software is released, read reviews and compare it to your current Windows version to make an informed decision.

  5. Where can I get the latest updates about Windows 12?

    As of now, there are no official updates about Windows 12. Users can stay informed by following Microsoft’s announcements, news from technology websites, and official Microsoft blogs and social media channels.


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