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“FIR”: Amazon Prime Video dropped the trailer of  Vishnu Vishal’s  Spy Thriller film

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Amazon Prime Video has dropped the trailer of Vishnu Vishal’s Tamil film ‘FIR’. This film basically lacks the maturity of Kamal Hassan’s  Vishwaroopam. It seems that the lack of the nuances mainly establishes the Islamophobia, misunderstanding, and also the suffering along with many communities and also reveal the politics behind intensifying polarization that also has been left out from the film for such convenience of the narration.


It is very rare to watch a Muslim hero in a Tamil film.  This film FIR belongs to that rare collection. It has been directed by  Manu Anand. It is definitely a good thing It is an interesting spy thriller film featuring Vishnu Vishal in the pivotal role as the rampant prevalence of Islamophobia.

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It is definitely a matter of great shame as the people need to remind frequently from famous artists as there are Muslim terrorists but not all Muslims are terrorists. We have seen that it also was exposed previously in the film ‘My Name is Khan’ directed by Karan Johar. This FIR has been sending a great message sans to the nuance or informed for thinking.

FIR: Plot

This Tamil film has been fallen short by addressing the stunted growth of our civilization in such a more comprehensive manner. It is very comfortable to settle down to the down line isolating the good Muslims from bad  Muslims. In this film, Kamal Hassan was played the role of a Muslim.

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This time this FIR lacks the maturity of Vishwaroopam.  It shows  Islamophobia, misunderstanding suffering by several communities, and politics behind intensifying polarization that also has been set to leave from the film for the convenience of the narration.

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FIR: Trailer

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The new trailer opens with a man named Mr. Irfan who is reading Namaz and in an interview, the interviewer asks him whether he is religious or not. He replied that he is religious and that’s the point that he has been rejected from the interview. His girlfriend also asked him that they are seeing him go for the interview but never get a job and this time he is going to appear in his 19th interview with lots of hopes and dreams. It has seen that his friends giving him the suggestion to apply for U.S. and U.K.  Then the question arise while his girlfriend is here why he has to go abroad.

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After that one news that shake his entire life of him as the TV news start to show that the face of the global terror organization ISIS Abu Bakkar Abdullah has been infiltrated into India confirms by the reports by IA and terrible blasts happened.

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The government starts to think that someone here could be the operative of Abu Bakker and Irfan become the faces they need to know every move and he became the suspect. The police get orders to follow him. The life of him getting collapsing and he has been framed.

The man becomes a terrorist everyone even if his girlfriend start to call him a liar also a terrorist. No one showing him sympathies. He used to run from the police and the bullets.

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Now he becomes angry as his life become collapsed due to the suspicion. He starts to think one day one of the themes should fear and retaliate and starts to show his actual capability. He has seen to do fantastic actions to prove himself.

FIR: Cast

This Tamil action film features Vishnu Vishal, Reba Monica John, Raiza Wilson, Manjima Mohaman,  Gautham Vasudev, Parvathi Malaya, and Gaurav Narayanan.

No description available.

FIR: Release Date

Amazon Prime Video will release this film on 12thg March 2022.

Here is the trailer:

 A big thanks for the source.

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