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Why do Apple and Google always avoid using 2 physical SIMs on their smartphones?

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With the iPhone XR and iPhone XS in 2018, Apple added eSIM functionality to the iPhone. While a standard SIM and an eSIM can both be used at the same time, there has never been a way to utilise two eSIMs at the same time – until now. Dual eSIM functionality is available for the first time on the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro.

But now the question arises why apple and google does not provide the functionality of dual physical SIMs?

iPhone 12 mod allows dual SIM support 11zon

We feel these factors could be an answer for why Apple avoid so:

The drawbacks of SIM cards are as follows:

It is possible to hack the SIM card:

By gaining access to a password recovery text on your phone, hackers can obtain bank account information, social media accounts, email addresses, and more.

SIM has a number of constraints:

The memory capacity of a SIM card is limited to storing the most important data and processes on your device.

Apps play a big role in SIM:

A SIM card’s functions, aside from providing mobile data, are primarily dictated by commands sent by apps.

From cellphone towers, SIM receives a signal:

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SIM requires sufficient cellular tower service, which is a severe disadvantage for anyone living in distant areas or traveling. There are no towers in most picturesque regions.

SIM has a limited lifespan:

SIM can become destroyed from corrosion or friction because it is a physical chip that can become bad over time.

Now let’s take a look at why eSIM is such a hot topic in the mobile world right now.

vodafone esim support image 1595236450425 11zon

The benefits of eSIM cards are as follows:

A physical damage or loss of an eSIM is impossible:

Because it’s built inside phones, the risk of destroying cards and lowering signal quality at inconvenient times is greatly reduced.

With a SIM, an eSIM can be used:

Dual-SIM phones may switch between a SIM’s data line and an eSIM’s data line to receive the greatest signal possible wherever on the planet.

eSIM (electronic SIM) is a compact device:

Because an eSIM is small, it can be used in emerging wearable technologies like watches and other devices, which are likely to get smaller over time.

Multiple cellular profiles can be saved with eSIM:

Single cellular plan information can be stored indefinitely, allowing it to be utilised practically anywhere in the world.

It’s simple to find an eSIM:

Network operators can control eSIM over the air, making it easier to track down your whereabouts if your phone is lost or stolen.

international esim holafly 11zon

eSIM – A more convincing option for your next trip abroad:

Our ability to develop mobile towers and meet the growing demand for global connection is rapidly diminishing. Customers are fed up with paying for data that they can’t get in remote areas or outside of their coverage areas.

Now imagine you’re on a deserted beach looking for a signal or sifting through a sea of overloaded hotspots to get your internet to load. What if you could take your phone with you wherever you went without having to change carriers? eSIM aspires to change the way we connect on a global scale.

Sure, you could rent a pocket Wi-Fi gadget or purchase a temporary SIM from a local market, but that would require a significant amount of time and cash. Why put yourself through the trouble when you can have complete worldwide coverage with just your phone?

5. How to use an eSIM to simplify your phone service abroad 1 11zon

We believe these could be possible reasons why apple is giving eSIM facility instead of dual physical SIMs. Whatever the reason be, Google and Apple both are leading companies in American information technology industry and the primary purpose behind their every act is based on consumer’s satisfaction, and who knows the companies might introduce the compatibility of dual physical SIMs in future.

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