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First Geekbench 6 Leak Reveals Apple’s M4 Chip with ‘4 + 6’ Configuration, Featuring Lowered Clock Speeds Compared to M3

Some hours after Apple presented the M4 chip, a benchmarking of the primary iPad Pro on the said SoC is thought to have occurred on Geekbench 6. Unfortunately, direct comparison of chips’ single-core and multi-core scores with the M3 or M2 since, as previously said, the leak is mostly concerned with Machine Learning.


More About Apple M4 Geekbench 6 Leak

However, we can consider other characteristics of the chip. Logically, only the iPad16,3 identifier model’s record may be the M4 iPad Pro on the benchmarking website. Other models are identified as iPad16,4, iPad16,5, and iPad16,6, while M2 versions are labeled as iPad14,3. Although the single-threaded or multi-threaded capabilities of the latest iPad Pro remain unassessed, it achieved a Machine Learning score of 9,234.

image 286 jpg First Geekbench 6 Leak Reveals Apple's M4 Chip with '4 + 6' Configuration, Featuring Lowered Clock Speeds Compared to M3

The M4’s top-tier variant was tested in Geekbench 6, with four performance cores and six efficiency cores. Despite the M4’s mass production on TSMC’s second-generation 3nm process, the performance cores operated at a speed of 3.93GHz, which is 3% slower than the M3’s 4.05GHz performance core.

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Apple is likely to have lowered the clocks, assuming users will upgrade to M4 from M3 due to the increased firepower, maybe even power efficiency targets. M4’s “4+6” cluster consumes more power than M3’s “4 + 4” but creating the frequency at 3.93GHz might benefit the battery life without a substantial trade-off in performance. How this balance pans out in the real world will become clear following the initial benchmarks in a few days.

image 287 jpg First Geekbench 6 Leak Reveals Apple's M4 Chip with '4 + 6' Configuration, Featuring Lowered Clock Speeds Compared to M3

With all this knowledge revealed, what remains is only the expectation of how these changes will manifest in practice. Users are excitedly receiving the news, gearing up for a plethora of thorough comparisons between the new-fangled M4 iPad Pro and their older counterparts. Since these findings are central to the course of consumption in the digital era, they would define the patterns of device usage and development. These future updates, based on the first critical comparisons, will tell a lot about the M4 and its importance.


  1. What does the ‘4 + 6’ configuration of Apple’s M4 chip entail?

    The ‘4 + 6’ configuration refers to the M4 chip’s four performance cores and six efficiency cores, indicating a shift in design from previous iterations to prioritize both performance and power efficiency.

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  2. Why did Apple choose to lower the clock speeds in the M4 chip?

    Apple likely reduced the CPU clock speeds of the M4 chip, operating at 3.93GHz compared to the M3’s 4.05GHz frequency, to optimize power efficiency without significantly compromising performance, given the M4’s higher core count and power consumption.


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