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After a year of the launch of Xbox Series X or PS5, which one is your favourite?

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When deciding between a PS5 and an Xbox Series X, there are several factors to consider. After a year in a while, that decision is still a difficult one – not least because purchasing either system is still a lottery.

Surprisingly, both systems have comparable capabilities on paper, with minor variances that only the most dedicated gamers will notice. The biggest variations are in the amount of built-in storage and the choices for expanding that storage. Of course, they’re considerably different in terms of design, and there are some significant parallels to be seen when it comes to the controllers as well.

Normally, a “versus” article would compare the specs and stats of the Xbox Series X/S with the PS5, as well as respective titles. We’ll cover all of that, but the real question isn’t “How do they compare?” “How do they compare, given everything?” it’s all about.

PS5 And Xbox Series X Are They Worth Buying
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The Game Collections Have Grown:

It took a year, but the game libraries on both systems are finally getting good. They’re still not perfect, and there aren’t nearly enough blockbuster games to make either platform a must-have, but they’re getting better.

There aren’t any exclusive titles yet. Halo: Infinite isn’t due out until the end of 2021 on Xbox, and Horizon: Forbidden West isn’t due out until February 2022 on PlayStation. On the PS5, games like Spider-Man: Miles Morales and Demon’s Souls are entertaining, but the Xbox Series X/S feels like an echo chamber right now.

xbox all access
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It’s also difficult to identify whether a new game is next-gen or previous-gen, which is perhaps by design. Apart from exclusives, the majority of new games continue to be released simultaneously on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

The good news is that both systems appear to have access to all of the best third-party titles. That’s excellent news for everyone who gets to get their hands on either device, but it’s bad news for Sony and Microsoft, as the differences between the two consoles are becoming increasingly blurred.

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The PlayStation 5 now has a new controller:

The controllers are the most obvious difference between these two platforms. The Xbox Series X/S controller looks almost identical to prior generations. It’s the same Xbox controller you’ve been using since the Xbox 360, but with a share button added. The PS5, on the other hand, features a force-feedback mechanism and a new makeover (at least for Sony, which has been using the same controller for decades).

The DualSense controllers from Sony offer more than just rumble. The resistance of the trigger buttons varies depending on in-game parameters such as the weapon you’re using—so you can tell the difference between a hair-trigger handgun and a big rifle.

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Buying Them Is Difficult:

Sony sold 13.4 million PlayStation 5s by the end of September this year. Microsoft doesn’t disclose sales figures, but an analyst at market research firm Niko Partners estimates that the Series X and S consoles have sold around 8 million units altogether.

Considering the supply shortages, they are really good numbers, but they don’t truly convey how difficult it is to get your hands on either system. Despite the passage of a year, the choice remains between paying more to scalpers on eBay and Amazon or continually signing up for up-to-the-minute in-stock notifications and waiting in an online queue during a retailer’s “drop” of new consoles. They sell out in seconds, leaving a lot of potential next-gen players unhappy.

The Wii and the Nintendo Switch were both limited and hence difficult to obtain far into their second years, but this was not the case with Xbox and PlayStation. By now, supply should be catching up to demand. You should be able to find one in any local electronics store or purchase one on Amazon for the full retail price. This isn’t correct.

My Post 2 e1617452594877 1
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Performance and Visuals:

The Xbox One X and PlayStation 5 are diametrically opposed in appearance. The first is a literal box, whereas the second is a curved space oyster that resembles a Mass Effect background doodah. They’re almost twins on the inside, though.

They both cost the same. They have the same AMD RDNA graphics chipsets (with minor clock speed differences), the same AMD Zen 2 processors with slightly different clock speeds (the PS5’s 3.5 GHz versus the Xbox’s 3.8 GHz), the same 16 GB of RAM, and almost the same off-the-shelf storage capacity—825 GB for PS5 and 1 TB for Xbox Series X. They also both have 8K, 4K, and 120 Hz output.

In comparison, the less expensive Xbox Series S is only a half-step higher than the Xbox One. It doesn’t support a full 4K, but it does allow ray tracing and, in theory, 120 frames per second. If you’re looking for a unique way to express yourself, this is a great option.

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In comparison, the less expensive Xbox Series S is only a half-step higher than the Xbox One. It doesn’t support a full 4K, but it does allow ray tracing and, in theory, 120 frames per second. If you don’t have a 4K TV and have no plans to purchase one, it’s a nice option, but I’d urge most people to save their money and wait till the Series X becomes more widely accessible.

Because of the more powerful hardware, it is more future-proof. In terms of storage capacity, the PS5 has the edge—but only if you’re comfortable opening your PS5 and replacing the hardware. You can supplement the basic 800 GB hard drive with a second M.2 drive, but this requires some hardware expertise and isn’t for everyone.

xbox series x vs sony ps5 graphics performance per dollar 1
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You can also utilize a plug-in external drive, but you won’t be able to use that extra capacity for anything else. You only need to purchase an extension card for the Xbox Series X and plug it into the device. They’re simple to set up and use, and you may play games on them without difficulty.

Unfortunately, at $220 for 1 terabyte of additional storage, they’re not cheap. More internal storage and easier expansion options should have come standard on both systems. Even worse, the Xbox Series S comes with only 500 GB of storage.

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The Services Are Expensive But Required:

Both systems require various memberships to play online games and another to access a library of “free” games. Xbox Live Gold and Game Pass Ultimate are available on the Xbox One X, whereas PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now are available on the PS5.

The greatest option is Game Pass Ultimate. It allows you to play online multiplayer and offers a terrific, up-to-date 100+ game catalogue that you can download to your console and, in many cases, your PC. You may easily download a large number of games with the Xbox software on a gaming laptop or desktop.

PlayStation Plus is necessary to play online games and only gives a few “free” games per month. Then there’s PS Now, which is similar to Xbox Game Pass but concentrates on older PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 2 games. It allows you to play a large number of older PlayStation games online, with over 800 titles to choose from.

ps5 xbox series x next gen 1
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While both consoles have a great start and plenty of space for advancement, the Xbox Series X appears to be a better investment at the time. The Xbox Series X has the early lead in the next generation of consoles, with more powerful hardware, a better design, a more complete game subscription service, and a pleasant controller.

Nonetheless, the PS5 has several advantages over the Xbox Series X. A full-featured digital console, a more innovative controller, a quicker SSD, and — not to be overstated — a better variety of unique titles are all available.


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