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Bob Biswas is better than Vidya Balan’s Kahaani: Abhishek Bachchan said this with all due respect to Sujoy Ghosh

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Bob Biswas, the character of the 2012’s film named Kahaani by Sujoy Ghosh has left an indelible impression on the audience. Although Kahaani has picked up our jaws off the floor with its amazing sinister plot twists. Bob Biswas was a contract killer, who was just a face in the crowd and killed with clinical perfection. Almost after 11 years, Bob Biswas is getting its much-awaited spin-off and this time, the character of Bob Biswas was played by Abhishek Bachchan.

Bachchan while having a chat with has described Bob Biswas as a “crime thriller” which has turned out to be quite a “cool” film. The film Bob Biswas is an upcoming film written by Sujoy Ghosh and directed by his daughter Diya Annapurna Ghosh. Bob Biswas in this film follows the same titular character, who was used to be hired to kill people but it seems he had lost all his memories of the past.

bob 1

Abhishek Bachchan has said that Sujoy has shared the concept of the film while writing the script and as soon as he heard the script, he said yes. Abhishek has shared, “I asked him who was going to make it and he said Diya, and I said yes. I hadn’t heard the script by then. I said yes more on emotional grounds because it is Diya and Sujoy is a dear friend.” Later, when he read the script, he found it to be “fantastic.”

Bob Biswas is better than Kahanni

The character Bob Biswas’s fandom has been spread since it has first appeared on the silver screen. The spin-off of the character has been requested by many fans for a very long time, finally, it is now going to release, unlike many fans, Abhishek also did not know about the character. He said, “I didn’t know about this character Bob Biswas. And I said yes not knowing about the character that Sujoy had put in his film. In fact, he had not even seen Kahaani until he had shot for almost 80 per cent of the film.”

He further shared, “I saw Kahaani last year during the lockdown for the first time. I finished almost 80 per cent of the shoot, then we had to break because of the lockdown, and halfway through, one day I finally said that ‘okay, let me see this film,'” he shared. But after watching Kahaani and Bob Biswas both, he is certain that their film is going to be a better one. He has also said, “I think our film is better. With all due respect to Sujoy, his daughter (Diya) is better than him.”

Abhishek has described while talking about Sujoy’s writing in the film that it is “edgy and cool”. He further shared, “You see Bob Biswas and he could be a simple guy next door, he could be travelling next to you on the train and you won’t really know who he is or what he is doing. Sujoy has made that entire world so edgy and cool. My personal opinion after having seen the film is that it is a very cool film. I think the youth of the country is really going to enjoy this film”.

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Here we present the trailer:-

Abhishek has also shared that Bob Biswas was initially intended for a theatrical release but the makers “had to adapt and evolve” as per the changing times. He has shared that “I really feel Bob Biswas is one of those very few and unique films that kind of appeals to both kinds of audience. It’s perfectly suited for a ZEE5 kind of a platform, perfectly suited for the kind of audience that consumes content on digital streaming services. It was originally intended for a theatrical release so it perfectly fits there as well. So it’s one of those very few films that can fit in any which way”.

He further added, “I can understand certain filmmakers and actors, who might not be entirely content about their film coming on an OTT platform because their film wasn’t designed in that way. I think Bob Biswas is one of those films that, as long as it comes out and gets to the audience, I am happy because it will cater to all kinds of audiences.”

Bob Biswas is going to be streamed on ZEE5.

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