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Popular Esports Stars to Watch Out For

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The rise of video streaming platforms like Twitch and gaming platforms like จีคลับ have meant quite an exciting development phase for Esports. These Esports have become exceedingly popular with pro gamers competing for humongous amounts of money, and it is a surprisingly lucrative activity. Some winners are taking home millions of dollars each year, and since there are no signs that the popularity of Esports is slowing down, we predict a continuous increase in prize money across the board.

Who are these superstars making it big in the world of Esports? Read on to learn who they are and why they make this illustrious list.

Four Popular Esports Stars On The Rise

Michael Grzesiek (Shroud)

Officially, Grzesiek retired from professional competitions. However, this talented player is still active on Twitch and goes by the online name Shroud. He favours PUBG on Twitch but sometimes switches gear with a few hours at Fortnite.

At his prime in Esports in 2017, Shroud retired at age 23 to concentrate on full-time “battle royale” streaming. The pay is better, and it has given him a break from the inconveniences of constant travel.

Johann Sundstein (N0tail)

Dane Johann Sundstein, aged 28, is a master Dota 2 player and OG captain. He has played in four replays of The International Dota, winning in 2018 and 2019. Going by his game name of N0tail, he has enjoyed impressive paydays at TI8 and TI9.

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After winning The International Dota, The 2019 Forbes list also featured N0tail on its 30 under 30 list at only age 25 – impressive! N0tail also has four Major championships in the bag with his many accolades.

Kyle Giersdorf (Bugha)

Kyle Giersdorf is more famous by his online alias Bugha. He is a 19-year-old American professional gamer best known for Fortnite Battle Royale prowess. Bugha’s fame skyrocketed after he won the 2019 Fortnite World Cup, and the performance there earned him a cool $3 million in prize money.

Luka Perković (Perkz)

Luka Perković’s alias is Perkz, and this gamer has represented G2 Esports for almost four years. Perkz has made a name for himself as one of the most proficient mid-laners in the European Union. He also excels at Attack Damage Carry’s (ADCs); he is one of the best in the world.

Perkz began his e-gaming career at GSI gaming, mastering League of Legends. He and his teammates climbed the ranks to enter the DreamHack Summer 2014, securing a 5-8th place finish. Perkz is also one of only two players to have won titles in the European Union and North America, and holds the record of all-time LEC/EU titles (8) and attained 1000 kills in the LEC in 2019.

Has this list inspired you to aim higher with Esports skills and perhaps earn some massive winnings? If you’re searching for Esports primed for increased betting action on video streaming platform Twitch, gaming website GClub, or any other online platform, Fortnite seems to be the top choice (Rocket League and League of Legends come in at a close second and third).

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