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Who is The Best BGMI Player in India Currently and Is It Jonathan?

The BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India) battlefields are teeming with skilled contenders with a fierce landscape. However, when discussing the best player around, one name stands out consistently: Jonathan “Jonathan” Amaral.

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Jonathan Image Credits- Instagram

Jonathan’s dominance goes well beyond recognition. He has numerous individual and team awards, confirming his status as a legendary figure in BGMI.

Who is Jonathan Amaral aka Jonathan Gaming?

Jonathan’s journey to the top is evident to the dedication and passion he has for the game. Jonathan has pushed his boundaries consistently, perfected his skills, and adapted to the ever-evolving BGMI tactics and gameplay. 

His exceptional gameplay is exemplified by:

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Unmatched Gun Skill: Jonathan demonstrates unparalleled precision and control, consistently executing clutch plays by swiftly eliminating opponents with lightning-fast reflexes and pinpoint accuracy.

Tactical Genius: In addition to his raw talent, Jonathan possesses a sharp strategic mind. He excels at analyzing the battlefield, predicting enemy movements, and devising winning strategies for his team.

Leadership Excellence: In his role as an assaulter, Jonathan inspires his teammates and leads them to victory. His composed demeanor and decisive leadership guarantee that his team stays focused and coordinated, even during the most intense moments.

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His accomplishments have not just garnered the respect of his peers but also solidified his position as a role model for aspiring BGMI players throughout India.

Yet, the competitive realm of BGMI is constantly evolving, with fresh talents emerging regularly. While Jonathan is presently hailed as the “best player” by fans, other outstanding contenders are continually vying to surpass him. The future of BGMI holds the promise of thrilling competition, with Jonathan likely continuing to lead the way, pushing the game’s limits, and motivating future generations of players.

Screenshot 2024 03 02 004759 jpg Who is The Best BGMI Player in India Currently and Is It Jonathan?
Jonathan Image Credits- Instagram

Jonathan Amaral, born on September 21, 2002, and professionally known as Jonathan Gaming, is an Indian esports professional renowned for his expertise in playing Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI). In the 2022 Esports Awards, Amaral secured the second position in the Esports Mobile Players of the Year category. In 2023, FanClash, an esports fantasy platform, revealed that Amaral would serve as their new brand ambassador. Furthermore, in a livestream on November 16, 2023, Jonathan declared his official association with Red Bull as a player.

Jonathan commenced his esports journey with the Entity esports team and currently holds membership with Godlike Esports. Despite finishing fourth at the BGIS 2021 tournament, he earned a spot to represent India at the 2021 PUBG Mobile Global Championship. During the 2020 PMIS Semifinals, Jonathan achieved a remarkable feat by securing 16 kills, marking the highest individual kill count ever recorded in a tournament.

In collaboration with a group of Indian streamers and content creators, Jonathan advocated to BGMI for the implementation of measures to ban cheaters from the platform. Although 7Sea Esports extended an invitation to Jonathan to join their team, he declined due to coordination challenges. Subsequent to the Government of India’s ban of BGMI, Jonathan addressed concerns regarding the future of the game directly to Krafton.

Screenshot 2024 03 02 004925 jpg Who is The Best BGMI Player in India Currently and Is It Jonathan?
Jonathan Image Credits- Instagram

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Diving Into the World of Esports: Jonathan’s Journey and Insights

Recently at an event in Delhi on November 18, 2023, Red Bull Athlete Jonathan Amaral, professionally known as Jonathan Gaming, expressed his reflections on his journey. This 21-year-old prodigy has already secured his place in the eSports and gaming industry, earning widespread recognition for his achievements.

Jonathan was asked about what drew him into the world of esports in the beginning, and how did he get started, he answered, “When it all began initially, I used to love gaming a lot and I used to play shooting games. So, when I came into this scene, people did not expect that this player could play so well.

They used to call me a hacker and even gave my ID to the officials to get me banned. All this used to happen back when I was just an amateur in the scene. I was quite nervous and scared that I would be out of the scene because I wanted to be a top notch esports player. Back then, it was my dream.”

Jonathan was also asked how he balances the demands of competitive gaming with other aspects of his life, such as work or education. He said, “About my practice, mostly I wake up at 12pm, max 1pm. Then, I go to the training grounds to practice my close range, sprays etc, and I do some drills in the training grounds for maybe about 20 to 25 minutes.

After that, I go into TDMs so that I can improve my close-range skills. I keep doing this process the whole day and then finally I join my customs and train with my teammates. My focus has been to play competitively, usually I must skip my streams to play competitive matches, but when I think it’s the right time to stream on YouTube and other platforms, I am there. Mostly I try to skip and do less of my work so I can focus more on the esports side and get better in the game.”


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