Google One now lets you choose which apps bypass its VPN

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Last year, Google introduced a virtual private network to make the storage subscription a more enticing offering, in its Google One. and now the service will allow its users to specify what apps can bypass the VPN. 

To use this, from the Home feed, tap the “Enable VPN” card to open the settings page.

You can allow specific apps to ignore the VPN and use your phone’s network 

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You can manage the management screen from “View settings” just underneath the “Block internet if VPN disconnects” preference. The “Bypass VPN” page will a list of all the apps that can bypass the list and with a simple tap of the ‘plus’ sign adding it to the “Apps bypassing VPN” section. To use this feature users need to have version 1.99 of Google One installed.

Google explains how this can be useful in the following situations: 

  • If you need to use websites and services that block VPN usage.
  • If an app needs to use your mobile wireless provider network to find info that relates to your account (for example, to check if you’re a customer).
  • If you can’t use a device in your local network while the VPN is connected.
  • If you want to stream content and privacy doesn’t concern you.

That said, the company does not recommend bypassing the VPN in the following scenarios:

  • Apps in which you want your browsing activity encrypted (for example, web browsers like Google Chrome and Safari).
  • Apps you don’t trust can put your data at risk of being intercepted or leaked.
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When the Google One VPN launched last year on the $9.99/month 2TB+ plan, Google said it was working on apps for iOS, Mac, and Windows.


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