Where can you watch cricket live-streams in India?

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Cricket is a fun game that’s suitable for children and adults alike. It’s a dynamic, challenging, fun, and exciting sport that you can play indoors or outdoors. You can play the game over short periods or have a match for days on end. The advantage of cricket is that it’s available for all players of all fitness and ability levels. It’s a sport that will improve stamina and physical fitness levels. Besides these advantages, here is everything you need to know about cricket.

How is the game played?

Cricket has six to 11 players per team, and you can opt to have it outdoors or indoors. You can play the game with protective equipment and a hard or softball. The softer option is ideal for beginners and children since it has fewer chances of harming any player or participant. Either team can score points when batting and quickly sprinting between two points that are 20 meters apart. Being on the batting team allows you to try your best to score as many points as possible before the end of your turn to bat.

Why is cricket fun to watch?

There is a lot of strength and coordination that players have to possess when hitting the ball to speeds of up to 96mph. Batters also have t work together to make some cognitive decisions on whether or not to run the distance before the opponents return the ball. Here are more reasons why cricket is a fun sport to watch.

Many ways of being given out

Cricket has lots of ways for players and teams to get out, unlike other sports. The batter has to be alert at all times when stepping up to the plate. Here, there are nine ways a batter can end up being dismissed. These are:

• Hitting the ball twice
• Being timed out
• Handling the ball
• Obstructing the fielder’s path
• Striking the wickets with the bat
• Being stumped by the wicketkeeper
• Being struck on the pads in front of the wickets
• Getting caught
• Getting bowled

Playing conditions

Cricketers have to content with the tiles of the game and different playing conditions. On an overcast day, the game can change due to the ball’s additional swing through the air. Such conditions can make it hard for the batter to try and win points for the team. A hot sunny day can be draining to a player, especially when out all day.

The protective gear

The batter has to run to score with the weight of all his pads and protective gear. The batter has to keep on batting and running until they are out, unlike baseball, where a batter can only run four times from home plate to home plate. The running can be between one and 300 times.

What are the best cricket live streaming sites?

If it’s not possible to go to the stadium for a cricket match, you can keep up to date with live streams. They provide you with live footage of everything that is happening on the field and ensures that you never get to miss a thing. Below are the three best websites available for all Indians that ensure that you never miss the action. If you want to see a more extensive list, you may also go visiting cricketbettingadvice.com/cricket-live-streaming/ which provides all the information necessary to know about the topic. Conveniently, some of the live streaming sites also enable you to directly bet on the matches since bookmakers like bet365 also provide a streaming function.


The site enables you to watch all the popular cricket events and also catch up on Indian sports. All the streamed matches will have highlights and an extensive list of fixtures. It ensures that besides going on cricketbettingadvice.com/cricket-live-streaming/, you can always note down all the cricket matches you would like to watch.

The site doesn’t require you to create an account to start streaming; however, the streams can lag for five minutes if you don’t. The lag shouldn’t be a problem for most people unless you keep in touch with friends who are watching the same cricket match.

ESPN Cricinfo

ESPN India is the creator of this website. It provides you with quality live streams of all cricket matches. You will find more cricket tournaments on the site, as well as the latest news and scores.

Willow TV

Here, you get to find all of the main cricketing events like the ICC cricket series and the Cricket World Cup. The site allows you to choose from various streaming options because of the different screen resolutions of their audience.

Why watch live cricket?

Most people prefer watching live cricket to enjoy and keep up with the match. However, one might keep up with the match to ensure that they know when their wagers win or lose. Instead of losing a bet, one can have the opportunity of cashing out.

It’s disappointing to place a bet and check back later and see that you have lost. Instead of going through the turmoil of not knowing what’s happening, you can tune into the different streaming sites and follow through with the match.

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