Intel’s Alder Lake mobile CPUs appear in Geekbench listings

Intel is busy this month with a major event being held that marks the official release of its upcoming new Rocket Lake platform. The blue is certainly busy but that doesn’t mean that Intel has only Rocket Lake on the horizon, the company also has its Alder Lake to be launched.

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In recent news, the company’s Alder Lake platform has been leaked in the most-recent Geekbench listings. The rumored SKU is supposed to be an eight-core, and we also know that Alder Lake will also be having a mobile stack pretty soon.

According to sources, the Alder Lake Mobile processors will have Intel’s Hybrid technology. we already have seen Intel providing its hybrid processors with the Lakefield architecture, but Alder Lake will bring this technology beyond low-power chipsets.

According to the leak, Intel has separated its Alder Lake Mobile stack into three packages: Alder Lake-M, Alder Lake-P, and Alder Lake-S-BGA.

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Team blue has also added three new processor segments to its mobile portfolio, they are the Alder Lake-M M5 (5 W/7 W), the Alder Lake-P U28 (20 W/28 W), and the Alder Lake-S-BGA H55 (45 W/55 W).

The leaks have provided even more information suggesting that a 55 W Core i9 SKU will come with eight large cores, eight small cores, and a GPU with 32 Execution Units (EU). Reports indicate that the U28 and H45 series will have 96 EU GPUs.

If the Core i9 SKUs will come with the U28, then it is not wrong to believe that Intel will launch its CPUs for the thin and light laptop segments. We still don’t know when the Alder Lake mobile stack will be launched, as for now we are completely focused on Rocket Lake CPUs.



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