Instagram working on new features that may arrive soon

Instagram is the world’s biggest photo and video sharing platform. Owned by the Social Media giant Facebook, the platform offers a plethora of services and features like none other. Recently the platform launched a feature that allows people to invite up to 3 friends to go live with. But, the developers behind the platform seem to not be satisfied with just this, as they seem to be working on a host of new features, including an affiliate marketing program, an option to mute specific keyboards in direct messages, and more.

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According to sources, the Android developer and reverse engineer Alessandro Paluzzi, has recently shared screenshots that highlight the above-mentioned features. The below Tweet shows how the affiliate marketing program which lets influencers monetize their content on the platform, will be presented by Instagram.

The feature will be available in the Creator section of the app, and users can sign in to the service. But, reports indicate that the feature might not be made readily available for everyone during the launch.

Reports also suggest that the platform is also working on a Content controls section that will allow users to mute certain words directly. In the privacy section of the settings, users will have the option to add keywords that they wish to mute.

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After the said keywords are added, then Instagram will block all direct messages that contain the said keywords but give users the option to choose whether they want to turn the feature on for everyone or specific accounts.

The source also discovered another new feature called Brightness AI, which will show up in the post-editing option.

It will help people adjust the brightness of the picture or the video they are posting using AI.



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