DJI officially launches incredible FPV Drone bundled with Goggles V2 and 4K Gimbal Camera

Da-Jiang Innovations or more popularly known as DJI has launched its much-talked new FPV (first-person view flying) drone. It is DJI’s first all-in-one, ready-to-fly, first-person POV product. It is not a normal drone due to its hybrid nature. The product is a merger of the first-person feature of FPV drones and the speed and agility of racing drones. It has a breakneck speed and can hit up to 100 km/h in just 2 seconds. It has an amazing peak speed of 140km/h. 

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DJI’s new drone comes in three modes which are Normal mode, Manual mode, and Sport mode. The first mode consists of features like obstacle detection and also asks the drone to hover in one place. The manual mode gives you full control of the drone as it disables all assistance. The last mode, sport mode, is a combination of the normal and manual mode. 

The FPV drone also offers features like Emergency Brake and “Return to Home”. The latter one commands the drone to come back to land at the spot from where it took off. ADB-S receiver onboard aids by informing the pilots of any aircraft or helicopters nearby. 


DJI FPV comes with Googles V2. This helps the pilot to view the footage from up to 10 km using the goggles. Other features include auto-switching dual frequencies, 50Mbps bitrate, and anti-interference. 

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The Googles V2 offers two viewing modes: a standard low-latency HD mode and a Smooth mode. The former has a resolution of 1440×810 pixels. The latency in this standard mode is less than 40ms as compared to Smooth mode which offers less than 28ms of latency. 

Talking about the optics, DJI FPV Drone showcases a 4K/60p 120Mbps camera that has the ability to record 4X slow motion in 1080/120p.

Talking about the price, the DJI FPV Drone will cost you $1299. This includes the remote controller 2, the FPV Goggles V2, cables, and a battery. The Chinese technology company will also be selling a standalone motion controller which will come for $199. You can also buy a pack of two extra batteries and a charging hub for $299.


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