Intel has been ordered to pay $ 2.18 billion for patent infringement

The Blue team has recently been penalized at the federal court on Thursday, which has ordered Intel to pay $ 2.18 billion for infringing two patents related to chip manufacturing technology owned by VLSI Technology.

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As per Bloomberg, the first patent was originally owned by the Freescale Semiconductor and the second by SigmaTel. Having acquired SigmaTel, Freescale Semiconductor was later acquired by Lan NXP Semiconductors. So, both of these controversial patents were transferred from NXP to VLSI in 2019.

The VLSI lawyers have stated these patents covers “inventions that improve processor power and speed, which are important competitive issues,” whereas the law and litigation news site Law360 and several other media outlets have reported patents on “systems and methods for managing electronic device clock speeds,” “minimum operating voltage-related technologies in memory,” and “voltage-based memory size scaling.”

Overall, it is understandable that both of the technology patents infringed by Intel are used for their own benefit to reduce power consumption as well as increase efficiency of their chips. Although Intel did claim that one of the two patent infringements was invalid, but it was rejected, and its lawyers have told the media they intend to appeal.

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