All the details about Netflix Thriller Series “The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel”

There is good news for the true-crime fans for this week because the latest crime thriller has to go to launch on Netflix. The vanishing at the Cecil hotel is going to rock on Netflix. There are many rumors that have started spreading online on the demand for more Crime Scene documentaries on Netflix in the coming future.

The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel: Crime Scene

The hotel is located at Los Angles Skid Row. This hotel is well known for the tenant’s attraction from all walks of life. As the tourists who have visited from the outside of the town have demanded cheap rates so what the people do who are not as lucky has decided to stay for a place. From the year the 1930s there are almost sixteen death incidents have happened in this hotel. The most dangerous and famous is the death of Elisa Lam.

Elisa was a Canadian tourist of the age of 21 years old traveling on her own for the first time. After not getting the calls from Elisa, her family members were raised the alarm. Then a search has happened throughout the entire hotel and also the surrounding area was launched, but there is no clue about Elisa, then the only proof is the CCTV footage clip of entering and leaving from an elevator.

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After some days it was found that Elisa was still inside the hotel.

This thriller has depicted the cultural history of this unique Lac landmark as well as the backstory of Elisa with the online interest that has been sparked by her disappearance.

The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel: Cast

In this incredible Netflix thriller series starring Viveca Chow(Elisa Lam Recreation), Judy Ho(Self clinical and Forensic Neuropsychologist), Elisa Lam(Self Archive Footage), Tom Scorzone(Detective), Artemis Snow(Elisa Lam Voice)

The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel: Assumption of Second Season

Though Netflix has not made any kind of official announcement about the second season of Crime Scene. However, it is very normal because the show has dropped these weeks for Netflix to announce formally a renewal.

Before coming of the series from several sources it has labeled that the show is an anthology series. If this information is true then there has a certain expectation to see more than one season with different crime scenes.

The director Joe Berlinger has said that the whole point of the series had to tell the Elisa Lam story, but they have an ongoing series of which this was the first season. They were looking at a place and analyzing what contributes to crime in this area and what contributes to crime perception.

The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel: About the Future Seasons

Season one of Crime Scene is very self-aware that has to address the fascination of cult-like society directly with true crime. It is expected that the other seasons will continue this theme and maybe focus on the cases that are favorable to the true-crime community. This series has deeply explored the crime in Los Angeles. We have expected that Netflix will delve a little further into the past or even explore the case from the further afield.


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