OSRS – Best Money Making Methods From Your Skills

There are a number of skills for you to master in OSRS, some of which can net you a very handsome profit.

There are many different ways for you to earn OSRS gold in Old School Runescape. However, many often overlook some methods that can be used via the skills that you are training. Therefore, here is a list of ways in which you can make a profit from the skills you use in the popular MMO.


Cooking isn’t your most viable method of money making in OSRS. However, it is an AFK method that you can complete while performing other tasks. There are a number of options at your disposal too, ranging from Monkish at 90K per hour, to Sharks (125K) Dark Crabs (130k) all the way up to Raw Karambwan (230K).


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Like Cooking, Fishing isn’t the biggest moneymaker, but it is an AFK task that you can earn a decent amount of gold from. Sacred Eels for example with net you 167K gold per hour, whilst every hour you can earn 200K from Anglerfish, and 270K from Minnows. You can also train your Fishing skill at the same time, which can come in handy.


Sticking with the AFK theme, Woodcutting can be a good way of making gold whilst you’re busy elsewhere. Cutting Magic logs is a nice little money earner, where you can make up to 150K OSRS gold per hour.


There are a number of items that you can mine that will be very profitable to you. For example, you could go about your business with Runite Ore if you want to make a reasonable amount of OSRS gold, clocking in at 450K per hour. However, the prices do tend to go up and down. You are better off focusing on Volcanic Ash for 460K per hour, or Gemstone at 500K per hour.


To make the most out of the Hunter skill, then you should look at Black Chins, which will net you over one million gold per hour. This will depend on what your combat level is at the time, and how advanced you are at the Hunter skill. Regardless, it’s a great way to earn XP and gold at the same time.

You can also hit 1M gold per hour by hunting Implings, which is a very handy method to use. You don’t need to look over your shoulder either and worry about other players killing you whilst performing this method.


There is a bit more risk of making gold here, since the most profitable way is out in the Wilderness, which means that the gold that you earn each hour can decrease upon death. Having said that, thieving from Rogues’ Chests can earn up to 470K per hour, whilst stealing from Master Farmers grabs you 400K gold per hour.


To make the best amounts of gold from Smithing, you are going to need to use the Blast Furnace to make bars. You can make the most gold with this method with Runite Bars, which will earn 1M gold per hour. As for other bars, you can make Adamantite bars for 800K per hour, or Mithril for 700K, and Steel bars for 630K. Whichever bar set you choose you are going to make a decent profit from Smithing.


This is a moneymaking skill that you may have overlooked. In fact, you can make over 1M OSRS gold every day simply by farming herbs. Not only that but after reaching level 62 Farming, you can also plant Snapdragon herbs. These are very profitable and will be a great way for you to gain riches from the Farming skill.


This is probably the most unpredictable skill in terms of how much gold you can make from it on an hourly basis. You are looking at making anywhere between 100K to 500K per hour, but it ultimately depends on the most profitable herbs and how much they are fluctuating. With that being said, you are going to have to keep an eye out on the prices at the Grand Exchange to decide which aspect of this skill is your best option.


To make the most of your Runecrafting level from a profit perspective, you will need to make sure that you have worked hard on leveling Runecrafting. It is considered to be one of the best methods for you to make money in OSRS from skills, so keep that in mind.

You can make 1.5M OSRS gold per hour with double death runes (Abyss), and surpass 1M gold per hour with nature runes (Abyss) too.

Of course, there are alternatives for you to use when earning gold in the game. Many players opt to buy OSRS gold outright, which can be done by a number of online vendors selling OSRS gold. If you want more honest methods, then those found above will be of great use to you. Have you tried any of these OSRS Money Making methods? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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