Apple reportedly in the works of developing new Workstation-class Apple Silicon

We already know that Apple will soon be releasing its new ARM-based MacBooks. The company plans to do so on November 10 during its ‘One More Thing’ event. It clears all doubt about the company ditching Intel chips for its Mac productions.

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According to sources, the Cupertino giant is developing a workstation-class Apple Silicon that will be found in the next version of its Mac Pro.

The company’s first Silicon Macs will be the new 13-inch MacBook Pro and its 13-inch MacBook Air. Sources claim that Apple’s engineers are currently working on a new Mac Pro. The new machine in works is said to have a compact form factor. However, whether this machine will replace the existing ones or be sold together is not yet made clear.

The machine in question seems to have enough space that can easily accommodate a variety of upgrades. New storage options to large GPU enclosures can all be included easily. It is also rumored that the iPhone maker is developing its GPU. The rumoured 5nm process based A14T desktop-class chipset is being built for iMac. The chipset is said to have its custom graphics processor by the codename of ‘Lifuka.’ If the rumors are indeed true, then Apple is probably working on a smaller Mac Pro and developing a new GPU for its upcoming workstation models.

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Apple’s upcoming ARM-based chipsets are incredibly power-efficient and hence do not need a sophisticated cooling system. Thus, the company can utilize a smaller enclosure that will allow for more portability. The reduction of a sophisticated cooling solution means that the processor will maintain its peak performance even during extreme taxing workloads.

However, the estimated price tag of the machine wasn’t mentioned in the report. Those looking to purchase the next powerhouse from apple will have to wait until the company officially gives us a price tag. Further details on apple’s ‘next big thing’ remain undisclosed, but the future remains full of high-end surprises.


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