Intel’s new CPU’s and GPU’s leaked on GPU drivers

Intel is the leading manufacturer of semiconductors in the market and is considered the best in business. We already know that Intel’s Tiger Lake is on the verge of rising with many OEM’s already adopting the new technology. But now a new leak has been making rounds on the internet.

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Courtesy of a Reddit user, stblr, we now know that several of Intel’s next-generation products, including CPUs and GPUs, are available for review at GPU drivers. The new products include the CPU lineup, which is codenamed Lunar Lake, and two Gen 13 powered Xe GPUs.

According to sources, the information was decoded from the GPU drivers itself. Just a few days back, Intel announced its first Xe GPU based discrete graphics chip, known as Intel Xe Max GPU.

Intel Lunar Lake CPUs

The Lunar Lake CPUs are expected to replace the Meteor Lake lineup, and thus the CPU’s will fall in Intel’s 14th Gen lineup. The Lunar Lake is listed with the Gen 12.9 Graphics card, which is a real surprise at this point.

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It is because Intel is not offering a Gen 13 card with Lunar Lake but instead is updating the architecture of its Gen 12 cards. It is worth noting that Alder Lake Desktop CPUs come with Gen 12.2 cards, and the Meteor Lake has the latest Gen 12.72 cards with them.

Intel Jupiter Sound Xe GPUs

Jupiter Sound is the supposed successor to Intel’s Arctic Sound line of chips. The Arctic Sound GPU powers Intel’s Xe-HP lineup, which is aimed at data centers and workstations. The current Xe-HP lineup is based on the Gen 12 Xe architecture, but the Jupiter Sound support will make the lineup based on the Gen 13 Xe architecture.

Intel DG3 Xe GPUs

Intel’s DG3 Xe GPUs will be based on Gen 13 Xe graphics Uarch. According to sources, the Intel DG3 Xe GPUs will be launched in 2022 since the company plans to launch its DG2 Xe GPUs in 2021. The DG3 Xe GPUs will offer better performance in regards to its predecessors. The GPUs will deliver improved efficiency and is targeted towards making its discrete graphics famous among gamers.


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