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Unknown 9: Awakening- A brand new paranormal mystery game gets announced

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Gamescom 2020 brought us a brand new AAA Next Gen game called Unknown: Awakening, which is likely seen to be a 3rd-person, narrative-driven action-adventure game, set in the new transmedia Unknown 9 universe. The game is coming to PS5Xbox Series X, and PC. 

The official synopsis of the game states that-“Unknown 9 is a paranormal mystery unfolding across a wide variety of platforms. Audiences will delve into the secrets of the Leap Year Society and uncover stories about the 9 unknown immortals that hold the keys to humanity’s greatest mysteries,”.

The game will be set around 100 years before most of the other Unknown 9 stories


The trailer features a girl named Haroona who is raised on the streets of Kolkata, India struggling everyday to stay alive for most of her childhood. She is haunted by visions of her own death and struggles to understand her mysterious ability to manipulate the unseen until she meets a person who who helps her to hone her abilities. Her mentor teaches her to master the gifts and to access the completely mysterious hidden dimension known as the Fold. He then propels Haroona on a journey to unlock the mysteries of this new realm.

Till now Reflector Entertainment, the developer of this game haven’t spoke much about the gameplay but only details they provided that it’s “a 3rd-person, narrative-driven, action-adventure game”. Though Ottier and Street gave a clue of the story content, stating that it contains “themes of self-discovery, redemption and the exploration of an unknown world, hidden in plain sight. It’s a journey into ancient secret societies, hidden dimensions and humanity’s forgotten legacy.”

We haven’t got any release date for this game but it’s a hunch that the game might be releasing in 2021. We will let you know when we will get more information about this game.

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