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Infinity Glide 510 review – A powerful & long-lasting Bluetooth headset at ₹1,699

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Last week, Harman Audio brought its new Infinity Glide 510 headset along with Infinity Sonic B200 to India. Being a fan of JBL, I decided to try another product of the Harman Industry. So I ordered the Infinity Glide 510. I have been using the headset for the past four days and would like to share my experience with you.

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Specifications & Variants:

Starting from its specs as the company claims.

  • General
    • 20Hz to 20kHz frequency range
    • Up to 72h playtime
    • Deep base
    • Dual Equalizer
    • Built-in mic
    • Voice Assistant Support
  • Audio
    • 36mm audio driver
  • Connectivity
    • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Dimensions
    • 110 grams in weight
    • Plastic body
  • Battery
    • Lithium-Ion Polymer Battery of 3.7V 120mAh
    • Micro USB Port for charging

There are three color options visible i.e. Black, Blue, and Red. But only Black and Blue variants are available for sale, even on the official website.

IMG 20200613 111406 1 1

Design & Build Quality:

If I put the Infinity Glide 500 and Infinity Glide 510, you can hardly distinguish between them. There’s no difference. The body is made up of plastic-type material. While running fingers through the ‘U’ shaped part, it feels like rubber slightly. Only the surrounding area of the branding on the ear cups are fully matt finished. The branding is done with the golden shining colour. There is another branding on the outer headband part.

The cushions are very much soft and covered up with a leather type material. You will find three buttons on the right headband along with a light indicator. I will come to its functionalities later.

IMG 20200617 160643 1

The ear cups are rotatable at only one side and also foldable towards inside to make it portable to carry in bags.

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Altogether, this Glide 510 is for ‘Handle with Care’ type usage because of the body material. You can’t expect more in this price range though.

Comfort & Usage:

The overall weight of this headset is 110 grams. That’s very much lightweight to wear it for a long time. But not more than 4 to 5 hours. You may feel some pain in your ears after that, at least it happened to me. Cause, the ear cups are a bit tight. It’s normal, otherwise, it wouldn’t be at its proper place while you move your head.

I already mentioned the foldability of this Glide 510. But, I would suggest you not to carry it in bags. Because the ear cups stay slightly bend towards outside when folded. And the plastic body is not enough hardy to tolerate any kind of accidental pressure.

IMG 20200613 133030 1

For connectivity, there is Bluetooth 5.0 which is very fast. After powering on the headset, for the first time, you need to pair this with your device. Just after tapping on the “Infinity Glide 510” device option, it connects within a fraction of time. It does not take more than a second either for the first time or later for connecting.

The connectivity range is impressive. I roam around 30 to 35 feet away from my device wearing the headset. The track runs smoothly, without any disturbance.

Audio Quality:

Harman Audio Industry puts 36mm audio driver in it. As a result, there is no question about the audio quality. The sound is very much clear and powerful just as described by the company. In addition, there are two modes for you, Deep Bass and Normal. You will clearly notice the difference between them when you switch from one to another. The Bass in this price range is truly admirable.

The audio will not hurt you even at the highest volume, irrespective of which mode you choose.


The microphone input is placed at the right ear cup with the buttons. The distance is far from the mouth, but this really doesn’t matter. It receives the sound easily and clearly. No noise or any kind of problem is there. The Voice Assistant also can receive the instructions properly.


There are three buttons down to the right ear cup but there are more than three things you can do using them.

  • Long press the Power Button – Power on/off
  • Single press the Power Button – Play/Pause track, Take/Cut calls
  • Double press the Power Button – Activate the voice assistant
  • Single press the Volume up Button – Volume up
  • Single press the Volume down Button – Volume down
  • Long press the Volume up Button – Skip the track
  • Long press the Volume down Button – Go back to the previous track
  • Press both the Volume up & down button together – Deep Bass Mode on/off

Each time when you power the headset on or off, pair or disconnect any device, or turn the Deep Bass mode on or off, a female voice is there for saying those activities out.

Battery Backup:

It is one of the points Harman highlighted for. The company claims up to 72 hours of battery life. I got the product in my hand with an 80% charge. Honestly, I really struggled to drain out the charge fully.

From 80% of the charge to come down at 50%, it takes around 24 hours of time. That means 10% of charge drops after around every 8 hours. From 50% to 0% it takes approx 33 hours. Point to note, I kept the volume at 50% most of the time and the Deep Bass mode was on. In total from 80% to 0%, it runs for 57 hours.

While charging, through the MicroUSB port, the Glide 510 takes an hour to rise at 50% from the ground and another hour from 50 to 100%. Which means, the company’s estimation matches almost.

Surprisingly, when I started using it again, the battery level drops to 90% within a few minutes. But sticks to 90%, even while writing this review and I’m using it more than 7 hours at this percentage.

If you use it with the full volume and keeping the Deep Bass on, the duration will drop a little quicker. Even then the battery life will be more than enough, I’m sure.

In the Box:

Not a box actually. The headset is protected with hard transparent plastic. Along with it, there is a small Micro USB cable for charging and a user manual.

IMG 20200613 125135 1


  • Deep Bass
  • Long Battery Life
  • Small in size
  • Light weight


  • A metallic sound generates while pressing any of three buttons
  • Not good enough built quality


If you are looking for the best on-ear wireless headset under ₹2000, then Infinity Glide 510 should be your ultimate choice. But only on one condition, you need to use it carefully. If you think you are a rough user, then it’s not for you.

The primary criteria of good audio quality, long battery life, comfortable use and good connectivity, you will get all of these in this headset, and that too at only ₹1,699.

I guess you too are impressed, just like me, by this headset in this competitive price range which comes with the assurance of JBL and Harman. So if you are willing to get this Infinity Glide 510, use the link down below for a quick jump.

Infinity Glide 510 Black:

Infinity Glide 510 Blue:

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Battery Backup
Sound Clarity
Build Quality


If you have been waiting for a headphone that has great bass and battery backup, look no further, just go for it. But its build quality reminds me of the sign "Fragile - Do not touch".
Anupam Modak
Anupam Modak
A CS Engineer and Tech Enthusiast who likes to fiddle with the latest gadgets and tech happenings around the world.


  1. I am not able to connect this headphone to any laptop or pc. Even when it shows connected, It doesn’t have any sound in it.


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Infinity Glide 510 review - A powerful & long-lasting Bluetooth headset at ₹1,699If you have been waiting for a headphone that has great bass and battery backup, look no further, just go for it. But its build quality reminds me of the sign "Fragile - Do not touch".

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