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Redfall: A Short-Lived Adventure Ends Abruptly as Microsoft Shuts Down Developer Arkane Austin

Redfall, the vampire-hunting open-world shooter launched in May 2023 as an Xbox exclusive, has come to a sudden end.

Microsoft, owner of Redfall’s publisher Bethesda Softworks, announced the closure of Arkane Austin, the studio behind the game, along with several other studios, as part of a restructuring effort.

All planned future Redfall developments, including the highly anticipated Hero DLC, are effectively cancelled by this decision.


A Rocky Launch and Unfulfilled Promises

The launch of Redfall encountered mixed reviews, with many critics lauding the game’s atmosphere and world but criticizing repetitive missions, unrewarded combat techniques as well as technical problems. Despite these shortcomings, publisher Bethesda assured fans that developer Arkane Austin remained committed to the game’s post-launch support, specifically mentioning the Hero DLC.

However, updates have become infrequent and content has become scarce following a single major update in June 2023, which has left fans frustrated.

Hope Dashed: The Hero DLC Never Arrives

The $100 Bite Back Edition of Redfall promised access to the Hero DLC, a major selling point for dedicated players. However, with the studio’s closure, the Hero DLC is officially canceled. Microsoft has stated that they will provide “make-good offers” to players who purchased the Bite Back Edition, but details regarding this program remain unclear at the time of writing.

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A High-Profile Disappointment for Xbox

image 2 9 Redfall: A Short-Lived Adventure Ends Abruptly as Microsoft Shuts Down Developer Arkane Austin

Redfall’s struggles represent a significant setback for Xbox. On the day of its launch, Microsoft heavily promoted this game as a flagship for their Game Pass subscription service and made it available to subscribers at no additional cost. The game’s negative reception and subsequent cancellation paint a picture of a troubled project that failed to meet expectations.

The Future of Redfall Remains Uncertain

It’s clear that Redfall’s story has come to an end, although the game’s servers will remain online for the time being. Arkane Austin’s sudden closure leaves a lot to be answered about the potential of this game and its future development.

This is a grim reminder of the constantly evolving gaming landscape, where even highly anticipated titles may fail and studios will be faced with unexpected challenges.

What This Means for Players

Microsoft may provide some form of compensation to players who bought the Redfall Bite Back Edition, although details are not made public.

The news is undoubtedly disappointing to those who had loved the basic concept of the game, but were hoping that there would be substantial improvements and other features.

Looking Ahead

image 3 10 Redfall: A Short-Lived Adventure Ends Abruptly as Microsoft Shuts Down Developer Arkane Austin

The cancellation of Redfall and the closure of Arkane Austin mark a significant turning point for the game and the studio.

While the future of Redfall remains uncertain, this event serves as a cautionary tale for developers and publishers alike, highlighting the importance of delivering a polished and engaging experience at launch and maintaining clear communication with players throughout a game’s lifecycle.

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