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Redmi Earbuds S Review: No compromise, budget earbuds at just Rs 1,799

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Redmi launched its much-awaited Bluetooth earphones ‘Redmi Earbuds S‘ on 27th May. It is the rebranded version of Redmi AirDots S. The pricing of this earbuds is also very reasonable at just Rs 1,799.

Seeing the hype around these earbuds I decided to try this product myself. I have finally got my hands on this amazing budget earbuds. I would like to share my review on this product.

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The box contains 1 pair of Redmi Earbuds S, 3 Eartips: Small, Medium (which comes already fitted with the earbuds) and Large, 1 Charging Case and 1 User Manual.


First, let’s check out the specs of the Redmi Earbuds S:

  • Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity with Realtek RTL8763BFR chip, connects to the phone immediately when you remove from the case
  • 7.2mm dynamic driver unit
  • Touch controls for music playback and launch voice assistant (Siri / Google Voice)
  • 122ms low latency game mode
  • DSP Environmental Noise Cancellation
  • Dimensions Headphones: 26.65×16.4×21.6mm; Weight: 4.1g (Each)
  • Dimensions Case: 62×40×27.2mm; Weight: 35.4g
  • Water-resistant (IPX4)
  • 3 sets of silicone ear tips
  • 43mAh battery on the headset offers 4 hours of battery life on a single charge, 300mAh battery on the charging case offers 12 hours of backup
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This earbuds come with Bluetooth 5.0 which is the best-in-class. The pairing process is super easy. You can use both or only single earbud at a time as per your convenience.

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For the first time, turn on the Bluetooth of your phone. Then remove both the earbuds from the charging case simultaneously, and wait for 2–3 seconds for the earbuds to automatically connect with each other. When the indicator of the left or right earbud slowly blinks white, search for “Redmi Earbuds S” on your device.

From the next time, if your phone’s Bluetooth is on, it will automatically connect with your device within seconds from removing it from the charging case.

Redmi has offered great connectivity feature on this earbuds. It’s completely hassle-free and even if you’re not very tech-savvy, you won’t find any difficulty using it. This device is compatible with all brands and products.

IMG 20200607 212016

Design and build quality

The earbuds are very beautifully designed that it fits perfectly in the ear. It doesn’t come out of your ears even if you are working out. The main advantage of this earbud is that it is very lightweight. It weighs approx 4.1g each.

Speaking from personal experience, I find it very difficult to use in-ear earphones for a long time. But these earbuds are so lightweight and beautifully designed, I was very comfortable in using it at a long stretch.

The lid of the charging case doesn’t feel premium but the earbuds’ build quality is excellent. The matt black finish feels good and there won’t be any fingerprint as well, which is very good considering India is a hot country so even if you touch the earbuds with sweaty hands, the earbuds will be perfectly fine. It also has an IPX4 water-resistant feature. So sweat won’t be any problem.

IMG 20200607 211248

Audio quality

This is the only thing which you need to consider before buying these earbuds. If you’re a bass lover then you should think before purchasing the earbuds. The bass quality is average. You can’t compare it with Mi True Wireless Earbuds.

But if you consider the price range, this product is too good to be ignored just because of the average sound quality due to the bass. The sound is very clear and the volume is also good. You cannot bear the full volume wearing these earbuds.

The low latency mode also reduces the latency to 122 ms to deliver best performance so that you can flawlessly enjoy your games.

Battery backup

Redmi claims the earbuds will go on up to 4 hours with a single charge and a total of 12 hours with the charging case. The long battery life will be very useful if you make these your travel companion.

When I opened the earbuds for the first time, it was at 70% charge. It took just about 10 minutes to go up at 90%, which is pretty good.

The charging case is charged by a micro USB cable. Nowadays Type C cable is in business, so if you need a micro USB charger, you can buy it from here:

IMG 20200607 211207

The multi-function button

There’s a multi function button on each of these earbuds. You can do a whole lot of things with any of these two buttons.

  1. Answer/End calls: Gently press the multi-function button to answer/ end calls.
  2. Reject a call: Press and hold the button for 1 second to reject a call.
  3. Play/Pause Music: Press the multi-function button to play/pause the music while using the earbuds.
  4. Turn on voice assistant: Double press the multi-function button to enable the voice assistant while using the earbuds.
  5. Answer a Second Call/Switch between calls: Press the multi-function button to answer the second incoming call during an ongoing call. Double press the multi-function button to switch between the two calls.
  6. Switch between Earbuds and Device: During a call, press and hold the multi-function button for 1 second to switch between the earbuds and your phone.
  7. Mute/Unmute: Double press the multi-function button to mute/ unmute the earbuds during an ongoing call.
  8. Enable/Disable Game Mode: When playing games with your phone and earbuds being connected, press the multi-function button three times to enable or disable the game mode. In the game mode, the audio delay and latency can be effectively reduced.


  • Great connectivity
  • Lightweight earbuds fit perfectly in the ears
  • Good battery backup
  • Reasonable and competitive price


  • Average sound quality


Personally, I am liking these earbuds pretty much. My criteria were the headphones shouldn’t be a pain in my ears and should have good battery life. They have passed my criteria with flying colours. On top of that, the connectivity is also super easy and the earbuds feel premium. The only downside is the lack of bass quality but at this price range, you can’t really complain.

I would recommend you to buy the Redmi Earbuds S if you are looking for a TWS Bluetooth earphone under Rs 2,000.

You can buy the Redmi Earbuds S from here:

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Audio quality
Design and Build
Battery backup


If you're looking for a TWS Bluetooth earphone under Rs 2000 then go for the Redmi Earbuds S without any hesitation. It is very good for normal everyday use. You won't regret buying this.
Rahul Roy
Rahul Roy
I am a computer guy by profession and a sports fanatic by choice.


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If you're looking for a TWS Bluetooth earphone under Rs 2000 then go for the Redmi Earbuds S without any hesitation. It is very good for normal everyday use. You won't regret buying this.Redmi Earbuds S Review: No compromise, budget earbuds at just Rs 1,799

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