Orders on Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal show Indian’s preparing for a long homestay

All the e-commerce platforms in India got permission for delivering non-essential products from the 4th phase of lockdown. It was started on 18th May, and today (31st May) is the last day. The analysis made on the orders placed during these last 13 days pretends Indians are preparing to stay at home for a longer time.

For Flipkart…

A Flipkart spokesperson said, “We are proud to see a 9X spike in the number of sellers an MSMEs resuming business this week, compared to the first week of the nationwide lockdown,” This hike is not the reason of the estimation. The main cause is the products, customers ordered for.


Flipkart faced the high demand for smartphones, TVs, kitchen appliances, home wearing clothes, nightdresses, inner wares, and more. As per another spokesperson of Flipkart, “Considering more people are spending time with families who have different entertainment, professional and educational needs, there is a growing requirement for multiple screens in a single household. This is reflected in the high demand for Mobiles, Tablets, Laptops, and Televisions, all of which have doubled in demand. Fashion choices have become more functional. Inner-wear and Lounge-wear are seeing an increased demand, with women’s sleepwear witnessing a very good growth,”


For Amazon…

In the case of Amazon, it got 31X demand growth for robotic vacuum cleaners, 10X for gym accessories, 23X for dishwashers, 3.9X for guitars, 3.6X for children boos, and more other growths. All these stats are based on the orders placed within the first 24 hours after enabling the order taking process. Now, think about the whole 14 days’ stat.

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A spokesperson from Amazon said, “We are humbled by the customer response and geared up to meet the pent up demand for priority products that customers need over a prolonged period of lockdown. The sellers on Amazon.in have sen orders for consumer electronics, kitchen & home appliances, smart devices, laptops, phone accessories, apparel and more. Work from home and online schooling enablers such as laptops, books, headphones and computer accessories continue to interest customers.”

Similarly, Snapseal has also faced demand growth with a slightly different percentage than Flipkart and Amazon.

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