With days, smartphone has become a significant part of our life and in fact is more important than anything for our daily lives. From work to entertainment, smartphones are required for everything and with days it has evolved a lot.

We are getting faster and better smartphones everyday and one of the key performance factor is obviously the storage. With faster storage, performance too increases, over the years, internal storage has become even more fast.

New SD Express 8.0 announced, up to 4 GB/s transfer speeds

For SD cards, the SD Association has a good news, the SDA is now updating the SD Express specs to the version 8.0. This brings support for the newer and faster PCIe gen 4.0 to both the SD Express and microSD Express formats.

With this, the data transfer speeds have increased up to a whopping 4 gigabytes per second. This is actually double the speed achieved over the last gen PCIe 3.0 X2 which is almost half of what the modern PCIe gen 4 SSDs but also they have 2 more PCIe lanes to achieve such speed.

New SD Express 8.0 announced, up to 4 GB/s transfer speeds

A transfer speed of up to 4GB/s is huge for a mobile device, with SD8.0, anyone taking a slow-motion video of their surroundings or taking burst photos of an athletic event.

This means users can record 4K and 8K videos, as well as 360-degree videos and playback flawlessly. SD Express also supports ever-evolving gaming systems, allowing people to continue playing video games at faster speeds than ever before.

On the other hand, the microSD Express brings these same advantages to mobile devices, IoT devices, drones and more. Check out sdcard.org for more info.

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