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Consistent launches PCIe Gen 4 NVMe SSDs in India, starting at ₹8,999

Consistent Infosystems, a rapidly growing IT brand in India specializing in products for the IT, Electronic, and Home Entertainment Industries, has announced the launch of its new NVMe 4th Gen SSD. This makes Consistent Infosystems the first Indian brand to introduce a 4th Gen SSD in the country.

Consistent Infosystems brings NVMe 4th Gen SSD in India – Inspired by Cheetah, the new SSD delivers speeds upto 7,300 MB per second

The newly released NVMe 4th Gen SSD offers a significant speed boost, delivering 10 times faster performance compared to regular SSDs, thereby enhancing the user’s experience. NVMe (nonvolatile memory express) is a cutting-edge storage access and transport protocol designed for flash and next-generation solid-state drives (SSDs), enabling the highest throughput and fastest response times using high-speed PCIe sockets.

The Consistent NVMe 4th Gen SSD draws inspiration from the speed of a cheetah and is powered by PCIe 4.0 Gen 4×4, delivering speeds of up to 7,300 MB per second for an improved gaming experience. The SSD also incorporates additional features like 3D NAND technology, which enhances device speed, storage capacity, efficiency, and energy consumption. It also includes SLC Caching, enabling high transfer speeds during write operations, and LDPC Advanced for reliable message transmission over noisy channels.

Yogesh Agrawal, CEO and Co-Founder of CONSISTENT INFOSYSTEMS PRIVATE LIMITED, expressed his excitement about the new product launch, emphasizing Consistent’s commitment to providing customers with top-notch products that leverage the latest technologies.

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Key features of the Consistent NVMe 4th Gen SSD include an NVMe M.2 PCIe Gen4 x4 Interface, PCIe 4.0 and NVMe 1.3 compliance, power management support, SMART and TRIM command compatibility, and support for various interface standards such as ONFi 2.3, ONFi 3.0, ONFi 3.2, and ONFi 4.0. It also incorporates advanced features like Wear Leveling, Bad Block Management, Error Correction Code, and Over-Provisioning.

The Consistent NVMe 4th Gen SSD is available in three variants – 512GB, 1TB, and 2TB, with read speeds of 5000Mbps, 7000Mbps, and 7300Mbps, respectively. Customers can purchase the SSD from all Consistent branches, with prices starting at INR 8,999 for the 512GB variant, INR 15,999 for the 1TB variant, and INR 29,999 for the 2TB variant.

Buy from Amazon: https://amzn.to/3MR12f5


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