Samsung’s 150MP nonacell sensor may arrive in Q4 2020

SAMSUNG announced its 108MP ISOCELL Bridge HMX image sensor last year which is currently used in Mi Mix Alpha Concept phone and lastly in Mi Note 10. Now, SAMSUNG probably trying to achieve the next level by building the 150MP nonacell sensor as per the trending rumor. This sensor may arrive in Q4 2020 in just 1 inch of size.

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The Nonacell technology was also used in the 108MP sensor. After implementation, 150 million pixels will provide super great quality pictures with great details. The rumor also claimed this sensor may be utilized by Xiaomi in one of there flagship phones this year. Oppo and Vivo both will implement it on its own handsets afterward from 2021.

In Q4 2020, Qualcomm is going to reveal its 5μm Snapdragon 875 chipset. In the case of binding with Samsung’s 150MP camera sensor, the image quality scale will definitely increase. Though we still not have a shortage of 150MP sensor supported chipsets. Snapdragon 865 chipset, available in the market, can deals with it easily.

So, we just need to wait until the rumor comes true. Till then, stay tuned with TechnoSports

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