Technology at its best: World’s first ‘Living Machine’ created using Artificial Intelligence and Frog Cells

(Image: © Douglas Blackiston, Tufts University)

Scientists are the backbone of technology. They mould things into some other things and make inventions. Scientists have used computer Algorithms to evolve the world’s first living machine using AI and Frog Cells. 

Researchers are calling it a living machine, it stems are originated from frogs-African clawed frogs. Amphibians are the core of this project as it has been made by them using AI and Frog Cells. 

These are named as Xenobots after African clawed frog- Xenopus Laevis, from where the stem cells are evolved. 

Features of Xenobots:

  • These frogs have some special features in them as they have neither any resemblance with the amphibians nor do they look as creepy as the water bears. 
  • These organisms can move independently and have the ability to self heal the damages caused. This experiment was carried forward by Michael Levin, Joshua Bongard, Sam Kriegman and Douglas Blackiston, these Xenobots were able to cut and stitch back in the same order to sustain themselves and be prepared in the original position. 
World First living machine

What are Xenobots made of? 

It is made up of materials like steel, plastics and chemical degrades over time and are very unhygienic for the environment. They affect the environment minutely. Researchers have kept a way to look into it and have planned according to it. The whole summary of this project to be successful is to design an utterly biological machine, which followed a straight process and automatically designs it for stimulation. The designs are built by tissues, which ensured that these safely deliver drugs inside the human body. Researchers have kept in mind its advantages and disadvantages and have ensured that it does not affect the environment. 

How they are created? 

Bongard, one of the co-researchers and a computer scientist and robotics expert at the University of Vermont said-” They’re neither a traditional robot nor a known species of animals, in fact, it’s a new class of invention – living programmable organisms”. 

Xenobots consist of skin and heart stem cells unlike Water Bears, who show complex animals like behaviour consisting not more than skin and cells. 

These are grown because of the algorithm, which helped in growing skin and stems cells into tissues clamps, multiplying into hundreds of cells. The movement will be caused by heart muscle tissues. 

These living cells cannot be controlled by any process, they are self-dependent or autonomous and are responsible fully on themselves. 

Xenobiotics, when observed under the microscope where just y objects just like the nib of the pen but these have shown unique properties, structure and arrangements and with the help of this data it was made and has shown positive impact. Upon doing further research, they multiplied themselves into hundreds and produced generations. The breakthrough came and it helped to construct its sequel and help to rebuild its multiples.

The makers then carried forward its design by combining stem cells to make 3D shaped design by the evolution algorithm. These skins have to hold it together along with heart tissues propelled their properties. 

No matter what studies have proven about it, but it’s truly a best from ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE.